Cubitos, a South American multiplayer cooperative platformer, is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer that was created by two brothers from Uruguay. It is available for PC and Mac and was released on Steam recently after being Greenlit on the Greenlight service.

Cubitos is a new browser-based RPG that offers a new take on the genre of JRPGs. Cubitos looks like a retro-style JRPG of old. It has a lot of pixel art and a 2D interface, but this is a new take on a genre which is described as a “retro-style JRPG of old.”

Cubitos is a browser based game where you must explore the world, gather resources, build up your base, gather more resources to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more people, gather more resources to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more people, gather more resources to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more people, gather more resources to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more people, gather more resources to gather more resources, gather more people to gather more people…

What we have to say about Cubitos, the thrilling game about who can advance across the board using a combination of chance and skill. In Cubitos, players assume the role of competitors in the annual Cube Cup, a strategy and luck-based competition to decide the Cubitos Champion. On the racetrack, each player has a runner and a support crew, which is represented by all the dice you roll. You roll dice each round and utilize the outcomes to advance down the racetrack, purchase additional dice, and activate powers.

This is a good bundle that will appeal to a wide range of players. To get the total score for our Cubitos review, we looked at enjoyment, replayability, player interaction, quality, and art & style. See the table below for a breakdown by category.



Have a good time (8 out of 10)

We give Cubitos a wonderful 8 out of 10 for the fun part of the review. Overall, this is a fantastic bundle. There are a couple different things going on, but they all work well together. Not only do things move fast, but there are many ways to race and test your luck in order to win.

You begin by rolling a certain number of generic dice. As the game progresses, you will roll your dice to travel down a meandering track with several possible paths to choose. As you go, you’ll have to choose between going the extra mile and gathering the materials you’ll need to improve your dice. Not only do the new dice offer you a greater chance of progressing, but they can also be combined with others to create some really amazing combinations. Because all players operate at the same time, the game remains interesting.

Adaptability (7 out of 10)

We give Cubitos a perfect 7 out of 10 for replayability in our Cubitos review. You may select from a variety of various paths on the track you’re on, and you can purchase different combinations of dice that all function together in different ways. All of these things are feasible if you want to be very quick, or really violent, or truly want to roll over and over again.

That is just the beginning. There is a ton of extra material to keep things fresh in addition to this frantic race with many paths to victory. Each color, which is a kind of dice that you can purchase, swaps out each game to be something new that offers just enough of a difference to make you reconsider everything.

Interaction between players (7 out of 10)

We give Cubitos a 7 out of 10 for player involvement in this part of the review. The game does an excellent job at maintaining tension. If you are far behind in the race, you will get extra resources, but not to the point that the leader will be tricked. If you truly want to test your luck, you can be rewarded handsomely and offer huge swings, but even if you fail, there are some good windfalls to work with.

Simultaneous play also aids in the tightening of the situation. Everything occurs at the same moment, which is not only thrilling but also keeps things moving at a fast pace and keeps everyone involved. If you drop the ball and completely miss your turn, don’t worry; you’ll be right back at it in no time. Because everything you do must be in reaction to where you are on the board and the dice you choose to roll, you are constantly involved in what others are doing.

high-quality (8 out of 10)

We give Cubitos an amazing 8 out of 10 for quality in the Cubitos review. This has been stated before, but it bears repeating because of how beautifully everything is carried out. This isn’t a racing game, a chance game, or a thrilling simultaneous action game; it’s none of those things (well maybe a racing game if you had to chose). The mixing of all of them in one well-oiled machine is amazing.

It’s difficult to accomplish the mix of all the routes to success, continuous variety, and just overall enjoyment in a very simple to jump into package, but it’s done nicely here. Clearly, the game’s creators understood exactly what they were doing. Not only that, but it’s a unique experience that will lend itself nicely to expansions and other methods of taking the basic game to new heights.

Art & Fashion (6 out of 10)

We give Cubitos a solid 6 out of 10 for art and style in our assessment. The artwork is the least striking aspect of this game, and that is only because everything else is so good. This is reasonable given the limited amount of real land available. Because there are little elements of an intriguing new world, it is still above average. Cheese, who also happens to be on the box cover, is a delightful combination of things that helps establish the tone.

The game has a distinct look to it. The colorful, somewhat bizarre characters are all on brand and could easily be the stars of their own animated television program. This is all good, but it’s more about the fun vessel in this one than it is about giving you too much of a subject or narrative to concentrate on.


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Cubitos isn’t the greatest choice for a racing game or a push-your-luck game, but it’s a fantastic mashup of the two that you can play with any group and again and over again. The little dice are great components, and the continuous simultaneous play and choices you have keep things going quickly. There might be a bit more variation in what the dice can do, but the variety of what the dice can do is creative and fantastic. This concludes our Cubitos review; we hope you found it informative.

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Cubitos is a creativity game designed by BlitWorks. It is an interesting game to play with friends and family. The game has two modes – “classic” mode (for 1-4 players) and “co-op” mode (for 1-4 players). You can choose how many players should play the game, and the number of rounds. The game has 3 difficulty settings – easy, medium, and hard. The game is very fun, and very addictive.. Read more about cubitos board game how to play and let us know what you think.

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