Netflix’s Live-Action BioShock Film Announced

With the film’s official release date set for September 2020, BioShock fans can look forward to a new era of gaming. The movie will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and is produced by heavy hitters like Steven Spielberg and former Paramount president Adam Goodman. While many are excited about the adaptation, it remains to be seen how well this partnership between one of Hollywood’s most prestigious studios (Warner Bros) and an independent game studio (2K) works out on the big screen
Introduction: A live action adaptation of 2k Games’ cult classic BioShock has been announced with production now underway in Toronto. Directed by none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts from Kong: Skull Island fame, as well as being co-produced through Universal Pictures ICON Entertainment alongside Legendary Pictures, we have yet another blockbuster addition to our decently long list of upcoming adaptations that spans across games such as Overwatch or even Tetris!

The “bioshock movie netflix release date” is a film that was announced on March 12, 2019. It will be released on August 21, 2019.

The Live-Action BioShock Film from Netflix Has Been Announced

Will it float or sink?



Another renowned franchise is receiving a Netflix film adaptation; this time, it’s the 2007 first-person shooter BioShock. It’ll be a collaboration between BioShock game producer 2K Games and parent firm Take-Two Interactive, as well as Vertigo Entertainment, the studio behind The Lego Movie and Netflix’s Death Note.

On February 15th, Netflix announced the news on Twitter.

“We all make choices, but our choices ultimately define us.”

Netflix and BioShock are a match made in heaven. Please keep an eye out for further information.

— February 15, 2022, Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked)

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO and Chairman of Take-Two, stated the following about the cinematic adaptation:

“In today’s entertainment, Netflix is among the greatest and most forward-thinking creators. We’re ecstatic that they share our vision and dedication to the BioShock series, which has millions of fans worldwide. We remain very convinced that BioShock will continue to fascinate and engage consumers like never before, thanks to 2K’s Cloud Chamber studio’s active work on the next generation of the franchise, and our collaboration with Netflix.”

So, here’s the big question: “Will it be good?” So, to get an idea, let’s look at Netflix’s history with video game and anime adaptations.

Netflix approved the animated Castlevania series in 2017. The series’ initial storyline was devised in 2007 by writer Warren Ellis and production firm Frederator, which is best known for programs like Fairly Oddparents and Adventure Time. Until Netflix and Powerhouse Animation Studio poured some funding and assistance into the project, it was stuck in development hell. Castlevania on Netflix has become the most popular video game adaptation program since its debut season in 2017, continuing for four seasons till March 2021.


The response has been overwhelmingly good among reviewers and fans, and I personally know diehard Castlevania fans who enjoy the program. It somehow managed to please the fans by becoming, for the longest time, an excellent video game adaption. On Rotten Tomatoes, Castlevania presently has an 89 percent viewer rating and a 94 percent critic rating.

Positive response to a video game adaptation as a program or film used to be incredibly unusual, and it’s still a rare find today. However, in the recent decade, the trend has shifted, with films like Detective Pikachu and the Sonic The Hedgehog movie mostly surviving critical acclaim. Even the 2016 Warcraft film received positive reviews from fans, including praise from a handful of World of Warcraft specialists I truly know and trust. However, Warcraft was an all-too-familiar situation in which the ‘critic’ judgment diverged radically from that of the crowd; Warcraft now has a 26 percent critics rating and a 76 percent popular rating. And, as I previously said, the diehard World of Warcraft fans I’ve encountered have either loved it or tolerated it. As a result, video game adaptations aren’t as as bad as they formerly were. This gives me reason to believe that Bioshock will be able to achieve the same level of success. But there’s a catch: the Bioshock movie won’t have these decade-long efforts, and it’s unlikely that it will have high-quality production teams that value the original material.


Vertigo Entertainment’s most recent collaboration with Netflix was the dreadful live-action Death Note film from 2017. Critics and anime fans alike criticized the film. The complete lack of regard for the anime’s original material was a particular irritant. For example, instead of taking place in Japan, the film is set in modern-day Seattle, and it lacks the successful anime’s essential appeal and ideas. Not to keep bringing up Rotten Tomatoes, but the Death Note movie only received a measly 23% from fans… Yikes.

It’s also worth remembering that Take-Two Interactive has been one of the most consumer-hostile gaming firms in recent memory, engaging in shady techniques like filing a trademark battle against 2021 game of the year winner It Takes Two for just having a similar name. I still can’t believe how ridiculously idiotic it was. Take-Two has a history of mistreating staff, most notably with Grand Theft Auto producer Rockstar Games. So, based on the studios involved with this upcoming BioShock picture, we have cause to be cautious.

But suspicion isn’t limited to the crews working on the upcoming BioShock film. There’s also the fact that, unlike the popular Sonic film or the Castlevania series, this film will be a live-action adaptation, similar to Netflix’s Death Note. It’s also worth remembering that BioShock’s major themes are obvious targets for awakened Hollywood to exploit.


The original BioShock game was set in a dystopian Atlantis that has devolved into anarchy following an out-of-control uber-capitalist uprising. The themes weren’t overtly anti-Rand, as some claimed; rather, the collapse of Rapture was a gradual process brought on by greedy pharmaceutical firms and excessively ambitious characters seeking another kingdom to dominate. The figureheads possessed a perverted morality that Atlas Shrugged’s heroes would disagree with. The political topics were also handled with a level of complexity. Oh, and the gameplay and atmosphere were unrivaled in the industry; BioShock is still considered one of the best video games of the previous two decades. Do we honestly believe that in today’s radical woke Hollywood culture, Netflix will respect such nuanced storytelling? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but only time will tell. BioShock has the potential to become a fascinating and atmospherically riveting philosophical drama set in the eerie art deco surroundings under the sea in the proper hands. There’s so much promise in this rich scenario, but I have a feeling we’ll be holding hands with Fragile Xers and Strong Wahmen instead of the famous Big Daddies and Little Sisters of the original. I really hope I’m incorrect! If you haven’t already, go play BioShock; it’s just too fantastic to pass up.

The “bioshock netflix cast” is the first in a series of films that Netflix has released. The film is based on the video game BioShock, which is set in an underwater city called Rapture.

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