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Just like in real life, anime isn’t always fair.

We all despise it when a character we like for their personality is tossed under the bus (or into the bus), or when someone with abilities above what’s required dies needlessly.

So, in this article, we’ll look at several anime characters that had it all yet were unceremoniously discarded by their creator.

However, there is a strong spoiler warning coming.

Be cautious if you read the title of the anime and haven’t watched it yet!


1. Houtarou Oreki (Houtarou Oreki)

Hyouka is a Japanese anime series.

Houtarou’s character is brought down by a deadly weakness – his “energy conservation.” Despite being phenomenally clever and capable of deducing things other characters wouldn’t even grasp, Houtarou is bogged down as a character by a fatal defect — his “energy conservation.”

Which is a nicely spun euphemism for “he’s extraordinarily indolent” in this situation.

Houtarou would have been one of the finest characters in the program if he had bothered to raise more than a finger at any time.

Heck, if the writer hadn’t used laziness as a crutch to keep him from outshining everyone else, he would have seemed like a more fleshed-out and believable character in general.

However, all we got was a sulky adolescent who didn’t want to be bothered.

And, as accurate as it may be, it’s hardly compelling, is it?


Naomi Misora, No. 2

Naomi Misora in Death Note anime

Death Note is a Japanese anime series.

Naomi is in such a bad situation. Being brilliant may sometimes lead to the writer writing you into a position that only your death can get you out of.

See, if Naomi had lived up to her full potential as a character, the program would have been approximately half as long – which isn’t great for presenting a decent tale.

So, after she made her insights, she was quickly ejected as part of demonstrating how brilliant and all-seeing Light Yagami is, at the expense of her real value in the program.

It’s not worth it to be clever, youngsters!

That is, unless you’re an anime character.


Rock Lee is number three.

Rock Lee Naruto anime screenshot

Naruto is a Japanese anime series.

With a significant time gap early on in the Naruto anime, a wide swath of characters who were very powerful were simply pushed away.

By far, Rock Lee got the raw end of the bargain.

His character development was also good up to that point — he had no obvious ninja abilities and had to undergo extensive training, which we witnessed in great detail.

We were able to get a decent perspective on a variety of topics relating to his character.

Then came Shippuden, and despite all of the investment in him, Rock Lee was reduced to a minor character.

What a pity, since this might have been a terrific contribution to the plot.


4. Tarble

Tarble from Dragon Ball Z anime

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime series.

Dragon Ball seems to have an issue with introducing random siblings and then entirely disregarding them for the rest of the series.

This might have easily been Raditz, Goku’s elder brother who was mostly absent for the most of the episode.

However, it is Vegeta’s younger brother Tarble who has been treated unfairly by the authors.

He lives just to let the tale to unfold, then lingers for a half-hour or so before vanishing totally.

When every other character gets to sit and dine together at the end, he doesn’t even receive a glance!

I’d say poor Tarble, but I never had the opportunity to feel sorry for him.


Paninya (#5)

Paninya in Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a Japanese anime series.

Let me tell you, with Paninya, we’ve very well finished the squandered potential checklist.

Some characters may fall under one or two of these categories, but we’ve got a blank slate here!

Is there a fascinating past that hasn’t been completely explored? Check.

Why is it that a fan-favorite character isn’t given further fleshing out and instead fades into the background? Check.

Getting completely disappeared from the face of the earth, never to be seen again and with no explanation as to where they’ve gone? Checkaroo, checkaroo, checkaroo, checkaroo, checkaroo,

And by disappeared, I mean without explanation or cause. Everything has just vanished!

It’s a pity, since Paninya had a lot to contribute to the program.

Instead? Poofed into oblivion. Life isn’t always fair.


Tonpetty is number six.

Tonpetty from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Japanese anime series.

When it comes to personalities like Tonpetty, it’s the high expectations that lead to the eventual letdown.

Tonpetty was a fantastic figure, powerful and wise in such a manner that it seemed a foregone conclusion that he would assist Jonathon Joestar in defeating Dio and then teach him to combat any future challenges.

But what should we do instead?

Tonpetty is demoted to sidekick duty while Jonathon battles Dio, and then he “retires,” which is a nice way of meaning he is no longer written about or discussed, and we never see him again.

Tonpetty will be compensated.


Elizabeth Liones, no. 7

Elizabeth Liones in Seven Deadly Sins anime

Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

This post is either contentious, or I’m being too polite about how wasted this character was in this show, depending on who you ask.

For some reason, people tend to despise Elizabeth.

While I don’t agree with the most of the hate directed towards her, I can see why she feels like such an useless character on the program.

Elizabeth seems to exist for the most of the show’s duration to be groped, exposed, or otherwise exploited as just visual candy – rather than being a genuine person.

There are a lot of cool things that might have been done, but they get buried in the authors’ need to show her off.

I can summarize it in two words: fan service.


Capacity of the Gates

Gates Capa from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime

Anime: Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit

When Gates Capa first arrived in Mobile Suit Zeta, he had a lot of unique or fascinating things going for him, almost all of which were either not touched on or just disregarded.

One of them was being a masculine Cyber-Newtype.

Another was being a Cyber-Newtype who wasn’t fully mad due to all the hypnotic brainwashing.

And yet, what did we gain out of such a fundamentally distinctive character?

He merely dies unexpectedly, at least in the anime adaption. There was no forewarning, and there was no genuine cause.

And the manga version may be much worse: he turns nuts out of nowhere, and he and his sidekick murder each other.

So what was the purpose of his existing in the first place? There seems to be little to none.


Sado Yasutora No. 9 (Chad)

Yasutora Sado (Chad) Bleach anime screenshot

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

This is one of Ichigo Kurosaki’s closest pals, who first debuts in episode two of this lengthy anime and is a character with a lot of strength.

Chad is most well-known for… umm, most well-known as…

I mean, he’s kind of there, isn’t he? He doesn’t do much, and he also doesn’t speak much.

He was engaged in a few bouts and flashbacks, but after a lot of hype, he lost the one true big battle he had.

So, why was Chad given such a little role?

At least with Orihime, they went back and gave her a significant role; Chad, on the other hand, was sold short, despite his ostensibly major position in the program.


Rosalia is number ten.

Rosalia from Sword Art Online anime

Sword Art Online is an anime series.

While some admirers may agree that her, shall we call, “dress sense” was not a waste of potential, it seems that this is one of the few positive attributes Rosalia has.

However, this does not imply that it was entirely helpful to her.

Because she is so self-absorbed in her huge fight with Kirito, he easily demolishes her.

As a result, she almost begs to attend his party, which he politely denies. She attempted to murder him, after all.

As a result, she’s not just a sad-looking loser, but also a character that makes you wonder, “What was the purpose of them being in this program at all?”


Yuri Nakamura (#11)

Yuri Nakamura in Angel Beats! anime

Angel Beats is an anime series.

Finally, something we can’t blame on the authors.

Angel Beats! was harmed by interference from far higher up the food chain, resulting in the cancellation of thirteen of the intended twenty-six episodes.

As you’d expect from a program that suddenly became half as long as it was planned to be, a number of characters didn’t get enough screen time.

Alternatively, it might be focused on at all.

Alternatively, don’t vanish without a trace!

Such is the fate of Yuri Nakamura, who not only loses a lot of important history due to her status as a prominent character, but we also never learn how or why she dies.

In my opinion, this is egregiously squandered potential for a key character.


Clovis, Prince of

Prince Clovis from Code Geass anime

Code Geass is a Japanese anime series.

I believe we can all agree that Prince Clovis is not a morally upright person.

He was horrible all around, then sought to cover up his crimes by being even more appalling.

Is that to say he couldn’t have been a better character in terms of growth? Not in the least.

In fact, the authors robbed Prince Clovis of several chances to flesh him out.

However, he was just a one-dimensional evil person for about a half-hour before being murdered in the first episode.

That is to say, it was a complete waste of time to introduce him in the first place!


Tsumugu Kinagase (Tsumugu Kinagase)

Tsumugu Kinagase from Kill la Kill anime

Kill la Kill is a Japanese anime series.

Tsumugu Kinagase has experienced quite the fall from grace when it comes to being depicted as a character, having formerly been a strong warrior who would physically battle anybody entirely nude.

He seemed to reach a pinnacle of badassery, and then everything was snatched away from him.

He went from being a fierce warrior to becoming a fumbling laughingstock of a figure.

After a time, his terrible past was completely forgotten about and never brought up again.

They even began reducing all of his conversation, to the point that the majority of his contributions were in the form of grunts or brief responses.


BlackWarGreymon (14), BlackWarGreymon (14), BlackWarG

BlackWarGreymon Digimon anime screenshot

Digimon is a Japanese animated television series.

A heroic sacrifice may sometimes be the turning point in a character’s story.

Maybe they were a semi-villain before turning, or they’re acting out of character to rescue someone they care about.

That wasn’t the case with BlackWarGreymon.

Because BlackWarGreymon was created by an evil Digimon who turned his back on his master and questioned his existence, he didn’t have much of a chance to explain his new findings – as he killed himself for no apparent reason soon after his introduction.

This explains why self-sacrifice isn’t always admirable. Because it sometimes deprives us of the opportunity to connect with a compelling character.


Midori Saves the World, No. 15

Midori Save-the-World in Space Patrol Luluco

Space Patrol Luluco is an anime series created by Luluco.

Midori couldn’t possibly be a wasted character with a name like Save-The-World, could she?

She’ll almost certainly be a major character and the center of each episode.

Not exactly, to be sure.

She appears in at least two and a half episodes as a major character.

Then what? She is pushed to the side in favor of their narrative since she is not one of the two other key characters who fall in love with each other.

Midori is in such a bad way. In today’s world, inventing a machine that manufactures blackholes won’t save you from becoming a third wheel.

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