The /r/WarThunder Test Rule Changes were released on November 7th, 2018. This post will cover the Meme Days to Sat & Sun, Meme Visual Relevancy Relaxed, and Gaijin Please Flair Rename.

The WarThunder Test Rule Changes is a post on the subreddit /r/WarThunder that discusses changes to the rules of the game.

warthunder 3 - /r/WarThunder Test Rule Changes - Meme Days to Sat & Sun, Meme Visual Relevancy Relaxed, and Gaijin Please Flair Rename.

This weekend (September 11th – September 12th), the following rule modifications will be trialed:

  1. Meme day limitations will be moved from Sunday through Tuesday to only weekends Saturday and Sunday GMT.

    This is to help newcomers to the subreddit understand the meme day limitations. To be honest, memes that post outside of the permitted time account for about half of all posts we delete each day, and users often complain about how random meme days are.

    We aim to make the permitted time more obvious by moving the meme day limitations to the weekend alone. Note that we are aware that we are decreasing the number of permitted meme days by 33%, which is why we are also experimenting with the following rule modification.

  2. The visual relevance criterion for memes will be eased and lowered.

    This implies that any meme pictures no longer need a “direct” screenshot or in-game element to be chopped into them. This includes the logo, which isn’t required any more. However, the overall word or picture idea must be linked to War Thunder, rather than a random “me irl” entry.

    Yes. Rule 5 now considers the text and title to be relevant to the game. Let’s see how the free market of upvotes and downvotes regulates more haphazard memes.

    Finally, if the content of a meme is not adequately linked to War Thunder, we, the moderators, have the right to delete it. We will delete your post if we can’t figure out how it relates to War Thunder at first look. Post it someplace else if the meme isn’t self-explanatory to moderators with hundreds of hours in the game.

    The primary argument against the amendment is that it will lead to more arbitrary Rule 5 relevance enforcement. The current technique of “removing words and seeing whether there is still any element of War Thunder in the meme” is simple to grasp and widely accepted. We haven’t yet come up with a comparable rule of thumb for this new lower relevance threshold.

    Comment below if you have any ideas on how to implement these new guidelines more fairly and effectively.

  3. Gaijin Please change the new vehicle proposal flair to “Suggestion” for postings that Gaijin will never see (name not finalized).

    Gaijin please has been exploited for bug reports, game complaints, and other snarky views on the game, and we’ve grown weary of deleting them. We’ve given up, and you’ve won. We obviously weren’t able to educate you how to correctly utilize the flair, so we’ll make the adjustment ourselves.

    There are no additional modifications to the old Gaijin Please (Regulation 6) rule. To get accepted for this subreddit, just copy and paste the first few lines of Wikipedia into that car. Even though it is the very basic minimum we ask for, half of all car idea postings do not include it.

    To be clear, cars not present in the game must adhere to rule 6 and include the vehicle’s name in the title of the post. This isn’t a new regulation; it’s been the law of the country for years. Posts that include cars that aren’t in the game and don’t meet Rule 6 (including appropriate proposal flair) will be deleted, as they have been for years. We’ll start issuing bans for misflairs, and then additional bans.

This weekend (September 11th – September 12th), the aforementioned rule modifications will be put to the test. If necessary, we’ll issue an AAR next week to decide which regulations will be retained and which will be needed to modify.

To complete these modifications, I’ll have to wade through the spaghetti code that is the mod toolbox, CSS, and flair information, so some removal notices may include obsolete information if I miss them.

In the comments, there will also be a sticky mod comment where you may upvote or downvote whether or not to re-ban lootbox postings. Note that this is just a public opinion poll, and no rule changes are guaranteed as a consequence of it.

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“/r/WarThunder Test Rule Changes – Meme Days to Sat & Sun, Meme Visual Relevancy Relaxed, and Gaijin Please Flair Rename” is a post on the Reddit subreddit. for the video game War Thunder

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