While we wait for the arrival of a new generation of video games, Best Buy has launched what it calls “The Pick-Up Game Swap” program. It is an $199.99 service that will allow users to drop off their old gaming systems and get store credit in return on either used or new products–which can be traded back into the game they left behind! Visit http://www.bestbuy.com/site/gaming-systems-picks up your system today!.

Best Buy Launches $199.99 Home Pick-Up Recycling Service

Best-Buy-Launches-19999-Home-Pick-Up-Recycling-ServiceImage courtesy of Best Buy

Are you looking for a means to move your CRT television out of the home without hurting your back? Then Best Buy’s newest service could be of interest to you: the electronics store announced today that it has introduced a new home pick-up recycling service, which enables lazy consumers to pay $199 to have all kinds of outdated and useless gadgets removed from their homes. Tube, projection, and plasma televisions, laptops and monitors, and appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are also eligible. However, each appointment is restricted to just two major goods. Members of Best Buy Totaltech may save 20% on recycling services.

“We believe we have an essential role to play in protecting our world,” said Tim Dunn, Best Buy’s director of environmental sustainability. “This includes being there for the whole lifespan of a product – from the moment a consumer begins shopping until that product is safely recycled.” “With this new service, users will have even greater convenience with this critical task.”

Best Buy has launched a recycling service that comes to your home (Business Wire)

Best Buy, the nation’s biggest retailer of e-waste, is making it simpler than ever to get rid of obsolete technology while conserving the environment, starting this month, by taking it up straight from consumers’ homes. All goods are ethically and properly recycled after being picked up.

Anyone in the United States may now arrange collection and recycling of old devices with just a few clicks, keeping technology, including appliances, out of landfills and giving it a second life. Best Buy’s Standalone Haul-Away service will remove and discard up to two big items (such as televisions, major appliances, all-in-one PCs, and monitors), as well as select smaller items such as laptops, cameras, wires, gaming consoles, and more.

For $199.99, you may get the new Standalone Haul-Away service. The Standalone Haul-Away service is 20% cheaper for Best Buy Totaltech members.

Since 2009, we’ve helped our customers recycle over 2 billion pounds of electronics and appliances as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental protection. Regardless of where they were acquired, how old they are, or who created them, our recycling program accepts a variety of discarded electronics. For all Haul-Away services, customers may make an appointment on BestBuy.com.

This new service complements the Haul-Away service that Best Buy now provides to consumers who wish to recycle the product they’re replacing when they buy a new TV, large appliance, or certain exercise equipment. Customers may also utilize our daily recycling program to drop off up to three devices per family per day at Best Buy locations, or use our trade-in program to get gift cards for goods that still have value. Here is further information on what things are accepted at your local shop and any fees that may apply.

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