The Epic Seven wyvern hunt is a new game mode that will launch with the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. It has been designed to be fun, fast-paced and accessible for all skill levels. With each round you’ll complete, you’re scored on your accuracy in targeting specific parts of the wyvern’s body as well as clearing out smaller nests along its wingspan or tail.

The “epic seven wyvern tier list 2021” is a Tier List for the Epic Seven Wyvern Hunt. It ranks all of the units from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best and 10 being the worst.

Epic Seven Wyvern Hunt Unit Tier List –


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Tiers Units
Tier S (Excellent) Sigret, General Purrgis, Angelica, Seaside Bellona, Furious, Flan, Dizzy, Sigret, General Purrgis, Angelica, Seaside Bellona, Furious, Flan, Dizzy
A-Grade (Great) Crozet, Luna, Chloe, Alexa, Sinful Angelica, Tywin, Angelic Montmorancy, Crozet, Luna, Chloe, Alexa
Tier B (Good) Krau, Batisse, Diene, Kise, Rose, and Yuna are just a few of the names that come to mind.
Tier C (Decent) Clarissa, Mistychain, Karin, Guard of Taranor


Tier S (Excellent Wyvern Hunt Units)

Sigret – There’s a reason she’s known as the “Queen of Wyvern Hunts.” After all, when it comes to slaughtering Wyverns, her single-target damage output is among the greatest (if not the most).

General Purrgis — This hefty cat-man may not be an Ice Unit, but he can enhance any Wyvern squad as a tank. He’s famous for his ridiculous CR Push passive, which helps your units to cycle significantly more quickly.

Angelica — She’s a healer who can also serve as a tank. Her Skill 2 and Skill 3 serve as a useful backup in case you can’t apply two debuffs on the Wyvern 13 fight.

Seaside Bellona – A wacky unit with a high DPS output and Defense Breaks that will make a Wyvern run much simpler at any stage. Most teams will be able to reliably clear Wyvern 13 just by having her in respectable gear.

Furious is a master defense breaker. He also does an excellent job as a secondary DPS, buffing allies with Critical Chance. Oh, and did I mention that he’s completely free?

Flan – Her bolstering and debuffing powers come in handy during the most difficult phases of Wyvern Hunts. If you want to assemble a 1-hit Wyvern 13 team, she’s one of the better options.

Dizzy — As a support, she focuses only on the debuff side of the equation. As a result, she’s one of the greatest characters to team up with Sigret, whose Skill 3 is increased by each debuff delivered to the adversary.


A-Grade (Great Wyvern Hunt Units)

Tywin is a “all-in-one” unit that can tank attacks, break defenses, and push CRs. If you give him enough Effectiveness, he trivializes mob waves.

Angelic Montmorancy – She’s similar to Angelica in that she can play both tank and healer. She doesn’t have the same barrier-granting abilities as Angelica, but she does have Cleanse and CR Push.

Crozet – A fantastic F2P tank that can significantly boost the survival of his comrades. On top of that, he has an Attack Break and a Provoke debuff on his kit, which makes aggroing a lot simpler.

Luna – She’s a terrific bruiser who, when properly constructed, can inflict tremendous amounts of damage. As long as she’s over 50% HP, her passive enables her to self-buff with Increase Attack and Increase Critical Hit Chance.

Chloe is a good choice for either the primary or secondary DPS position. She strikes harder than a vehicle at 80 mph when she stacks enough of her Magic Nail debuffs.

Alexa is the most popular F2P unit for the primary or secondary DPS duty. With her equipment, she can rip the Wyvern apart with multiple assaults. If you give her a Daydream Joker, she transforms into a top-tier Wyvern-slaying Unit right away.

Sinful Angelica — Unlike her Ice-element counterpart, she isn’t as effective as a tank, but she thrives in her support position in fast-clear Wyvern teams. She has the ability to improve the speed and attack of her teammates, as well as proc Dual Attacks with her S1!


Tier B (Good Wyvern Hunt Units)

The units listed below are still viable for Wyvern Hunts. It’s only that Units in higher tiers can do a better job in their specialized responsibilities, therefore they’re rated higher.

General Purrgis (S-Tier) can, for example, perform significantly better than Batisse (CR Pushes). The same can be said about Yuna, whose support equipment pales in comparison to Flan’s.

Regardless, if you don’t have any of the characters in the top levels that serve the same duty, these Units should be evaluated as prospective substitutes.

  • Krau
  • Batisse
  • Diene
  • Kise
  • Rose
  • Yuna


Tier C (Decent Wyvern Hunt Unit)

While the Units in the upper tiers are clearly superior than those in this tier, bear in mind that they’re still suitable for Wyvern Hunts.

In reality, if you construct them appropriately and surround them with the right teammates, the following characters may be viable alternatives.

For example, if your DPS units are constructed strong enough to end the battle early, you may employ Guard of Taranor as your primary Defense Breaker even in Wyvern 13.

Karin, whose DPS output might theoretically be enough to auto-clear Wyvern 13 if she’s given the right gear, is in the same boat.

  • Mistychain
  • Karin
  • Guard of Taranor
  • Clarissa

The “epic seven hero tier list 2021” is a ranking of the best heroes in the game. The list consists of all the top-tier heroes and their rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best unit in epic seven?

A: The best unit in Epic Seven is the Hectare.

What is the best Wyvern 13 team?

A: The Wyvern 13 is a rare and powerful weapon. It has the highest base damage of any other weapons in Beat Saber, but also has an extremely high reload time that most players find difficult to deal with. If youre looking for the best team to use this gun with then I would recommend combining it with two swords.

How much effectiveness is Wyvern 13?

A: Wyvern 13 is a very powerful spell that works well against many enemies. It can be used on any enemy, but will not last long because of its high cost and low duration. The longer you use it the stronger the effect becomes, however this also makes it harder to find an enemy who is weak enough for you to kill with this attack.

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