It’s hard to imagine the gaming industry without Lost Ark, whether it was for a PC or Nintendo Switch. The game was heralded as one of the last games for its generation, both in terms of gameplay and longevity. Players were able to experience an epic adventure with friends online on a grand scale that could never be replicated offline.
Unfortunately, due to popular demand by fans who loved this classic title from Atlus published back in 2000-2002, Atlus announced at E3 2018 that they will release Lost Ark: Hikari no Tsumea 光の狩り afresh under the name Arc Rise Fantasia アルク・ライズ・ファンタジア(PS4 / Steam) after all these years!
The new game takes place over 1 billion years before events in Lost Ark took place and is set during ancient times when humanity first began playiing around with magic energy (called mana). In addition there are now two worlds – Plantoon where humans live alongside plant life and Animaloon where animals have been domesticated; which has had many positive benefits like cleaner air but also introduced some negative effects such as pollution

The “lost ark second awakening quest list” is a guide that lists all of the quests in Lost Ark. The Second Awakening quest is one of them.

How to get and complete the Second Awakening quest in Lost Ark

If you’re nearing the finish of the Lost Ark campaign, you’ll be excited to get your second Awakening ability. Because they are the most powerful abilities available to your class, they open up a whole new realm of mayhem for you to wreak on your foes. Isn’t it true that greater turmoil equals more fun?

You may wish to have these Awakening talents unlocked before the additional classes arrive later in the game. While the first Awakening ability is rather simple to get, the second is substantially more difficult. Importantly, the search to unlock it will take some time, so prepare to put in some effort.

What’s the best way to obtain the second Awakening quest?

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Before you may begin the second Awakening quest in Lost Ark, you must first satisfy a few conditions. To begin, you must have a Gear Score of at least 460. The second requirement is that you have a boat that is at least level two. This is due to the fact that the quest begins in Rohendel, which is inaccessible without an updated watercraft.

To begin the [Journey] Mysterious Letter quest, just walk to the mailbox outside the royal chamber after you’ve arrived in Rohendel. This is the start of your quest for the second Awakening skill.

What is the best way to finish the second Awakening quest?

This, like many other tasks in Raiders of the Lost Ark, is really part of a bigger, lengthier questline. Be aware that this quest might take anywhere from three to four hours to complete, and that there is a problem that causes the quest to lock you out if you switch characters in the middle.

Complete the [Journey] Strange Mail quest to advance to [Journey] A New Power and subsequently [Journey] Lost Footsteps. This will lead you to Shushire and the Frozen Sea, where you may learn a new song from a bard called Allegro. This song is crucial to the remainder of the mission, so make sure you memorize it. Song of Reminiscence is the title of the song.

The following quest will not start on its own. You’ll need to go a few feet further to another NPC on the same bridge as Allegro. This will start the [Journey] Until the Darkness is Banished quest. The remainder of the Awakening questline is quite basic; this quest will bring you to [Journey] Black Market Products, which will lead you to Icewing Heights and the Maze of Mirrors. Return to Shushire and finish the task.

Following that, you’ll be dispatched on an extensive search around the globe, visiting dungeons that you’ve most likely previously visited as part of your journey to get to this point in the game. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll be invited to perform the Song of Reminiscence multiple times along your adventure, so get it from Allegro now. On your map, you’ll see where you’ll need to perform the music.
  • If you’re sent into a dungeon you’ve previously finished, you don’t have to finish it to finish the quest. You just need to perform the Song of Reminiscence at the task marker. After that, you may exit the dungeon with the Song of Escape.

Your adventure will eventually lead you to a location known as Facility X-301. You’ve been tasked with assassinating a beast known as Tarmakum. The quest marker for this task, however, is not where this adversary is; instead, it is the entrance to the dungeon where Tarmakum is. When you speak with the Defective Product NPC, you will be given a task named Serviceable Condition, which you must accomplish in order to continue on your adventure. To accomplish these objectives, you’ll have to combat a lot of robots and gather components.

Your mission will lead you back to Luterra Castle after you’ve completed Facility X-301. Save your Song of Return location at the Portal Statue in this area for later use. You’ll want to return here multiple times in the following several hours, and this will make your life much simpler.

For the most of the remainder of your voyage, the quest log will be your guide. The only quest that is a little challenging is [Awakening] The Wounded Pilgrim. In this quest, you’ll search the Parna Forest in North Vern for proof that Pilgrim Armen was assaulted. Unlike other quest goals, this evidence does not appear on your map or have a prominent purple indicator on your screen, making it a little more difficult to locate.

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Herbalist Kobe and Gatherer Habaru are located in the northwest corner of the area, as shown by the red circle on the map above. Continue walking past them to the north until you reach a massive stone cliff and a fallen tree. A command to Pick Up will display above your character as you go along the cliff to the west of the tree. That’s the proof you’re seeking for, and it’ll set off the remainder of the journey.

The rest of the Awakening quest is rather basic. You’ll eventually be brought to Promise Isle, where you’ll meet our old buddy Allegro, after many hours of touring practically every continent on the globe. He’ll give you something. To get your second Awakening talent, go inside your inventory and ingest the item.

It’s a long road, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’s well worth it because of the astonishingly strong talent it unlocks as a consequence.

The “lost ark second awakening quest rewards” is a quest in Lost Ark that requires players to complete a certain task in order to receive their reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your second awakening Lost Ark?

A: If you have already beaten the game on Normal and Hard, then you will unlock another awakening at the end of your game.

How do you get the Awakening quest in Lost Ark?

A: If you have the game and are playing it, then you can do this. Simply go to Muros Sanctuarium in Lost Ark while wearing your Pherkad armor and talk with him.

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