In the first major hack in history of gaming, a new game was introduced to players with seemingly no protections. Some feel this lack of security is unacceptable for a beta and demand refunds from developers. What are your thoughts?

The “fractured gamigo” is a beta event that has been running for a while, and it’s now coming to an end. The question of what is acceptable in a beta has arisen from this event.

Fractured Online Hacking Event - Raising the question of what is acceptable in a beta

Fractured Online is a top-down PvX MMORPG that will be released soon. The creators just revealed that many accounts had to be permanently banned due to hacking, which you can read about here.

wvmfmom0qcv81 - Fractured Online Hacking Event - Raising the question of what is acceptable in a beta

Before I go any further, I have to commend the devs for being so open about it. That is something I like seeing from game creators since it helps to avoid the crazy guesswork that usually seems to occur.


This has already created quite a stir in the little town. Firstly, since the “sweaty” or “tryhard” guild referenced in this article was renowned as such. They had a game plan in place before the beta began, and they played for hours every day to raise the level of their city (I believe they were at level 10 by the end of the sixth day after the test began). The maximum number of people is 14. I believe the nearest other city was level 6). This is also the guild that has made a strong case for greater free-form PvP. That the game will be spoiled because the drop mechanism/alignment system gives “PvE carebears” an unfair edge. This method effectively forces you to play an evil alginment flag in order to murder whomever you want. If you murder too many people, you will be caught and thrown in prison, and if you die, you will forfeit your equipped stuff. Other alignments will merely lose their merchandise and will not be jailed. So, as someone who has been playing this virtually every day, I am not exaggerating when I say that this guild was whining about it every day for hours in both discord and global chat. How unjust that was, and so forth. They’ve even gone as far as to suggest that the game will die, that they want it will die, that the developers are a failure, and other nasty rhetoric. It wasn’t the whole guild, but I believe there were approximately 10-20 people. And, based on the discord discussion, a significant number of them have left. Given their stance on the argument, this is somewhat ironic.

Before the ban, I had battled a handful of these folks who were exploiting these exploits. They were capable of doing massive amounts of damage, virtually one-shotting in certain circumstances. They were also almost impossible to kill. In certain circumstances, suffering no harm over an extended period of time is sufficient. Many individuals were perplexed since they used to 1v5 full groups. They’d ask them how they were doing it via conversation, and so on. And it was usually something along the lines of “Oh, I simply have the correct qualities” or “Oh, I just farmed out enchantments.” When, in truth, it was a hack, not any of those things.

The developers looked into it, and it seems that they had been employing this trick for such a long period and so many times that they were given a permanent ban.

The Disputations

This has sparked a debate on what constitutes appropriate behavior in a beta. On the one hand, because it’s a beta that will be wipped, vulnerabilities shouldn’t be an issue. Although another side claims that while it’s excellent to identify flaws in a beta, you shouldn’t keep utilizing them to gain an advantage. Report them and go on with your life.

One of the banned offenders has said that the vulnerability was disclosed to the developers in 2020, but that it was never patched. Others have defended the creators, claiming that the development team was small (I’m told it was closer to 5-8 individuals, but I can’t confirm) until late 2021, when gamingo moved in as their publisher, enabling them to increase their staff. This, paired with the fact that it was still in beta, might explain why it hadn’t been patched yet.

Another point has been brought up on what was the purpose of these actions taken by Hacktivists. The beta is going to be wiped and they appeared to know what they were doing was bad, since they lied when confronted about their strength. Some are wondering if this is their way of trying to “punish” the developers for making it too “carebear friendly”.

So, what are your thoughts? Were they obnoxious? Was the developers’ course of action the correct one?

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The “Shadowbane hack” is an event that was held by the developers of Shadowbane. The event was to raise awareness about hacking and what is acceptable in a beta. This raised a lot of questions about what is considered acceptable in a beta. Reference: shadowbane hack.

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