My Hero is a mobile role-playing game by Ketchapp that has quickly become one of the most popular games on the app store. In this guide, we will teach you how to farm hero gems like no other!

The “my hero ultra impact tier list” is a guide that will help you farm Hero Gems in the game. It also includes information on where to farm, what to do and how to get more resources.

How To Farm Hero Gems in My Hero Ultra Impact –

Hero Gems are not only the most essential resource in MHUI, but they are also one of the rarest resources in the game.

There are just a few methods to farm them consistently:

  • Clear All Main Quest Stages (Normal & Hard Difficulty)
  • Ability Boards may be upgraded.
  • Enter the Ultra Arena with courage.
  • Climb to the top of the VE Tower.
  • Missions should be attempted
  • Stages of the Event Quest must be completed.
  • Minigames at the Event
  • Do Your Daily Routine

If you continuously do each of these tasks, you will amass a considerable number of Hero Gems over time.

And, given the huge quantity of Hero Gems you can farm there, clearing all Main Quest Stages is by far the finest approach in the list above.


Best Method: Clear All Main Quest Stages (Normal & Hard Difficulty)


Main Quest (Chapter 9 Stages) / My Hero Ultra Impact


The Main Quest Stages are where you’ll get the majority of your Hero Gem supply.

As soon as you start the game, it will be your major source of Hero Gems.

The Main Quest includes the following tasks:

  • Non-Boss Stages provide 10 Hero Gems when completed.
  • Completing the Boss Stages will reward you with 20 Hero Gems.

Each Chapter contains at least ten stages, resulting in a total of (about) 150 Hero Gems when completed.


Ability Boards Leveling Up


[Number One] Katsuki Bakugo (Ability Board #8 Reward) / My Hero Ultra Impact


After clearing all of your Main Quest Stages, Ability Boards Leveling Up for your Units will be one of the best “alternative” methods for farming Hero Gems.

Leveling Ability Boards will give you 10 Hero Gems per page, regardless of rarity.

This is exactly why you should also consider Ability Boards Leveling Up for your SR-Rarity and even R-rarity Units.

Keep a watch out for Ability Orbs, which are often offered in the UA Coliseum Point Exchange Shop, to make this process faster.


Taking on the Ultra ring


Ultra Arena (Seasonal Bonuses) / My Hero Ultra Impact


Whether you like the Ultra Arena or not, daily battles in it are still one of the most reliable ways to get Hero Gems.

In the Ultra Arena, you may get Hero Gems from two places:

  • Seasonal Bonuses
  • Promotional Benefits

Keep in mind that even if you don’t make it to the top of the rankings, you’ll still get Hero Gems.

PVP may be optional in this game, but it quickly becomes necessary if you want to harvest as many Hero Gems as possible – whether for free or for a fee.


Climbing to the top of the VE Tower


VE Tower (Ranking Rewards) / My Hero Ultra Impact


The VE Tower is quite similar to the Ultra Arena in terms of prizes, however it is more PVE-oriented and needs at least three teams to complete.

By the conclusion of each season, your “points” are tallied, and you’re rewarded Hero Gems based on your performance.

While forming a team for the VE Tower is more difficult than for the Ultra Arena, the benefits are still well worth it no matter where you are in the game.


Attempting Hero Gems Missions


Normal Missions / My Hero Ultra Impact


In MHUI, missions are a fully passive method to acquire a large number of additional Hero Gems.

To acquire Hero Gems from Normal Missions, all you have to do is either explore the game, complete particular Main Quest Stages, or just Level Up your account.

Special Missions, on the other hand, provide higher rewards than Normal Missions, however they are often time-limited. As a result, you’ll have to keep an eye out for them.


Clearing Stages of Event Quests


Event Quest Stages (Provisional License Combat Training Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact


Event Quest Stages are similar to Main Quest Stages in that they reward Hero Gems when completed for the first time.

If you’ve used up all of your Hero Gems from the Main Quests, one of your go-to sources for Hero Gems will be the Event Quests, which cycle once or twice a month.

Unlike Main Quests, you only gain 10 Hero Gems every Event Quest Stage cleared, regardless of whether it’s a Boss Stage or not.


Taking a Look at the Minigames at the Event


Hero Lottery (Provisional License Combat Training Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact


There aren’t always “minigames” that give out Hero Gems during events.

However, if they do, you must ensure that you take advantage of it.

These minigames will provide a certain number of Hero Gems, as well as a variety of other valuable materials.

So be sure to see whether they’re available at an event!


Doing Your Daily Routine


Daily Mission Rewards / My Hero Ultra Impact


MHUI has a “Dailies System” in the form of Daily Missions, much like any other gacha game.

You should make an attempt to complete each of these tasks – not only because they reward you with Hero Gems every day, but also because they provide you with Stamina and valuable leveling resources.

As I already said, Hero Gems are quite scarce in this game.

So it’s highly recommended that you Do Your Daily Routine as consistently as you possibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I awaken my hero Ultra impact?

A: The best thing to do is ask another player!

How do I reroll my hero academia Ultra impact?

A: To reroll your hero academia Ultra impact, you will need to purchase an item called Fusion Gem. This can be found in the shop for P4C (Platinum) or EC ($30). It costs $12000 and gives 1% chance of getting the desired result when using it on a hero.

How do you get MHA the strongest hero in farm hero coins?

A: MHA is the strongest hero in Farm Hero Saga, and can be obtained through five different methods. The easiest way to obtain him would be by completing all quests.

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