The titanite shard is a hard-to-find material needed to upgrade weapons in the game Dark Souls 3. This guide will teach you how farm these rare materials and what strategies can help you find them more easily. In this guide, we’ll cover three methods of farming large shards using various means, including trading and power leveling your way up to higher levels.

The “where to farm large titanite shards dark souls 3” is a question that has been asked by many players. In this blog, I will detail three ways of farming large titanite shards in Dark Souls 3.

How to Farm Large Titanite Shards in Dark Souls 3 (3 Ways) –

You’ll need a lot of upgrade resources when it comes to upgrading your weaponry. This entails looking for every conceivable technique to get as many of these resources as possible. The Large Titanite Shard is the next upgrade material you’ll need after the Titanite Shard. These are a little more difficult to get, but they are still doable if you know how.

Large Titanite Shards are one of Dark Souls 3’s key upgrade sources. There are only three methods to harvest and get Large Titanite Shards. Specific foes may be defeated, purchased from the Shrine Handmaid, or found across the environment. Because there are so many to discover, you won’t have to worry about utilizing them to improve several weapons.

We can reveal that there are around 30 Titanite Shards floating around if you need any more than the ones you currently have. All of the others have an endless supply, although it is somewhat difficult to collect them on a consistent basis. To upgrade one weapon to +6, you’ll only need 12 Shards in total.

Large Titanite Shards: What Are They?


If you’re not sure what these Large Titanite Shards do, they basically enhance your weapons to +6. To even get the weapon to +6, you’ll need a total of 12 Shards, but once you do, you’ll need a new sort of material. We’re not going to go over two additional higher-tier upgrade materials in this post.

To get it to +9, you’ll need 12 Titanite Chunks. After that, all you’ll need is 1 Titanite Slab to finish your weapon upgrades for a +10. Other upgrade materials for boss weapons and special weapons include Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scales.

Each one is crucial, and if you’re new to the series, it might be a little perplexing. It operates in the same manner as the other games, so if you’ve played them before, you’ll have no trouble understanding this one.

What is the best way to get Large Titanite Shards?

As previously stated, there are only three legitimate methods to get Large Titanite Shards. We have a full list of Large Titanite Shard locations at the bottom of the post if you are having problems collecting them from foes. It’s a bit perplexing at first, but if you acquire a handful of Large Titanite Shards, you won’t have to worry about locating them. You can basically improve any weapon you desire.

We’ll go through each approach and how you may get the most out of them. It might become a little confused when it comes to percentages with some adversaries, so keep that in mind. If you get Large Titanite Shards early on, conserve them until you locate the weapon you want to enhance.

If you don’t, you’ll be left with a weapon you don’t really like. This is particularly aggravating if your foes outrun your weapon. You will be attacked more often if the adversaries are speedier. If you know what you’re doing and have patience with the game’s combat, the game isn’t tough.

Here are the three primary methods for obtaining Titanite Shards in Dark Souls 3:

1. Specific opponents’ drops


Large Titanite Shards are dropped by a number of adversaries in the game. The only drawback is that the Shards themselves aren’t certain to drop. Some have a 10% chance of dropping, while others have a 100% chance of dropping. It all depends on the adversary you’re up against. Obviously, the farther you go in the game, the more likely they are to drop.

The foes in Irithyll in the Boreal Valley are probably the greatest place to harvest these Large Titanite Shards. There are several opponent kinds present, all of which have the potential to drop them. This is definitely your greatest chance for gaining enemies faster than others if you’re trying to farm opponents. If you need a large number of them, purchasing them may be the best alternative.

The adversaries that drop Large Titanite Shards are listed below:

  • Lothric Castle is home to the Red-Eyed Knights.
  • Usually seen at Lothric Castle, the Winged Knight
  • Fire Witches – Usually found in Irithryll in the Boreal Valley’s courtyard region.
  • Anor Londo is home to the Silver Knights.
  • Giant Crabs – These crabs are often seen in the Demon Ruins region.
  • Large Skeletons – These are usually discovered at Carthus’ Catacombs.
  • Adversaries of Lake Smouldering – These are the enemies that may be encountered in the Lake Smouldering region.
  • The Ascended Winged Knight Trio was discovered on the Grand Archives’ roof.

2. Available for purchase through Shrine Handmaid

They may be purchased for 4,000 Souls from the Shrine Handmaid, but you must first locate an item. If you don’t already aware, you can locate Ashes all throughout the globe to give to the Handmaid, which will boost the stock in her store. You must locate and deliver the Easterner’s Ashes to her.

She’ll sell you Large Titanite Shards for 4,000 Souls each after you’ve done that. Because she has a limitless quantity of them to sell to you, this is definitely the best method to obtain them. She will sell the Souls to you as long as you have them. You just need 12 Large Titanite Shards each weapon, thus 24,000 Souls per weapon is all you’ll need for +6.

3. It may be found all around the globe


The only other method to get Large Titanite Shards is to seek them out in different parts of the planet. Large Titanite Shards may be found in 7 different regions, for a total of about 37 Large Titanite Shards. You’ll have to buy or farm for any additional ones you obtain.

The Lothric’s High Wall, Farron Keep is a castle in Farron, Scotland., The Deep Cathedral, Carthus’ Catacombs, Lake Smouldering, The Boreal Valley’s Irithyll, and Dungeon of Irithyll all have Titanite Shards. If you’re curious about where these resources may be found, we’ve included a list of all the various Large Titanite Shard locations below.

Here are all of the places where you may get Large Titanite Shards:

  • Lothric’s High Wall
    • 1x by injuring the Drake and forcing it to flee the area.
  • Farron Keep is a castle in Farron, Scotland.
    • 1x by slaying a Crystal Lizard on the bridge over the Old Wolf of Farron campfire, near the dead drake.
    • 1x by fighting a Crystal Lizard after the first Crystal Lizard has passed through the big gate on the bridge’s opposite side.
  • The Deep Cathedral
    • The Giants fell 2x in the massive main chamber.
  • Carthus’ Catacombs
    • 1x near the flames on a corpse at the dead-end where the boulder turns.
    • 1x on a body near the campfire, on the ledge above the rats, and at the far end of the boulder’s route.
  • Lake Smouldering
    • After going down the fallen suspension bridge, 1x on a corpse underneath the fire monster.
    • 2x on two bodies in the lake in front of the location’s entrance.
    • 2x on two corpses in the lake, on the right side of the location’s entry.
    • 2x on the corpses on the right side of the cave.
    • 3x discovered among a nest of rats in Demon Ruins, in a chest behind an illusory wall.
    • When heading up the steps, 1x on the brink of the cliff, immediately outside the Demon Ruins bonfire.
    • One of the lava crabs drops 1x.
  • The Boreal Valley’s Irithyll
    • While returning from the Central Irithyll bonfire, 1x on a corpse atop a small stairway to the right of the walkway.
    • 1 time on a body dangling from the railing. To the right of the route heading uphill from the first courtyard with a fountain to the fire-casters.
    • 1x on a corpse to the right of the concealed stairs’ bottom — A Crystal Lizard may be found to your left, up a small staircase, on your route to the Church of Yorshka bonfire from Central Irithyll. You can disclose a secret stairway down if you assault one of the rails there.
    • 1x at a dead-end, to the right of the main walkway heading towards the enormous church, on a corpse. It’s on the other side of the bonfire at the Church of Yorshka.
    • 1x on a body near the shortcut to the elevator.
    • 1x following the elevator shortcut, climb the stairs up to the top and make a left before entering the building to drop down to a lower level.
    • 1x after passing by the far manor bonfire on the way to Dungeon of Irithyll.
    • Proceed ahead and outside 1x after the Pontiff Sulyvahn combat. To locate the shard, turn right.
    • 1x on a ledge that you can see coming from the Pontiff Sulyvahn campfire as you approach the dead-giants field. You may get there by crossing the field, turning left and ascending the steps, and passing the fire deacons.
    • x1 following the pontiff’s burning, with the giants to the right.
    • x1 to the very far end after the pontiff’s bonfire, when you ascend the rooftops and fight Anor Londo archers.
    • x1 with the Anor Londo archers on the far left of the rooftops.
  • Dungeon of Irithyll
    • x1 in the screaming hollow in the first cell on the left.
    • x1 the location of the second screaming hollow
    • x1 is approaching the third jailer, who is in the far left cell with three Hollows.
    • x1 It’s on the left when you enter the chamber filled with Jailers.
    • The slumbering Giant and profaned flame are both found here.

Why should I buy Large Titanite Shards in bulk?

Large Titanite Shards abound throughout the game, allowing for a plethora of enhancements. If you want to test out a new weapon without spending a lot of upgrade materials, the Handmaid will sell you 12 Large Titanite Shards for 24,000 Souls. You may then return to a somewhat safe place to practice with the weapon.

It’s entirely up to you, but we suggest buying a large quantity from the Shrine Handmaid to ensure you have plenty for the future. You’ll undoubtedly need them for improvements, so attempt to get as many as possible. Go out and locate adversaries by farming them, purchasing them, or exploring the globe. You will find what you are seeking for regardless of how you go about it.

The “large titanite shard ds1” is an item that can be found in Dark Souls 3. It is the most common type of Titanite Shard, and it can be used to upgrade weapons or create Estus Flasks. The large titanite shard ds1 is a rare drop from enemies and bosses, but they are also sold by merchants.

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