Killua is a character from the anime series “Hunter x Hunter” who has been voiced by Yoshihiko Umakoshi since 2011. He is known for his quick wits and ability to see through any scheme, even if it seems like an impossible one.

Killua is a character from the anime Hunter x Hunter and has been given his own time zone. A Universal Time (AUT) is a time zone that includes all of Earth’s time zones.

How to get Killua Spec in A Universal Time (AUT)

In the September 5 update, Killua is a newcomer to A Universal Time. The character appears as an NPC on the beach, and he also offers a task for players that wish to get the Killua Spec. Getting the spec may take anything from thirty minutes to several hours, so we’re here to teach you how to accomplish it quickly. In A Universal Time, this tutorial will show you how to acquire Killua Spec (AUT).

Killua is a character from the Hunter Hunter anime series who shows to be a formidable spec in AUT. In AUT, you must complete a three-step procedure that includes a number of mission objectives in order to get the Killua Spec. You’ll need to understand how to get Arrows in AUT, as well as a few other fundamentals. If you’re new to the game and aren’t sure what you’re doing, see our instructions.

In A Universal Time, how do you acquire the Killua Spec? (AUT)

Follow these steps to obtain Killua Spec in AUT:

  1. Visit the Beach
  2. Speak with the NPC Killua.
  3. Killua’s Training is a mission that must be completed.
  4. Obtain the Yo-Yo item and utilize it.

Locate the Killua NPC on the beach adjacent to the park. Speak with Killua and pay attention to his conversation. “Assassination is a crucial element that my family holds in high regard,” he would add. Do you want to carry on a family tradition?” Say “Yes” in response. After he asks whether you’re ready, confirm this one again.

After that, you’ll be given a task named Killua’s Training. The following goals must be completed in order to complete the Killua’s Training quest:

  • Thrive in the Yakuza’s Way: 777
  • Damage inflicted: 777
  • Dash: 77
  • Damage Received: 7777
  • 7 arrows to use
  • Counter successfully using Brawler’s Instinct: 77

In AUT, how do you finish Killua’s Training Quest?

The mission goals may be challenging and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t know how to complete them. But, to make things simpler, we’ll take you through each step.

How to Endure the Way of the Yakuza in AUT is one element of this mission that you may be puzzled about. By hitting the “H” key, you may employ Endure the Way of the Yakuza, a Standless move. Get your health to plummet into the red by walking close to one of the assault dummies. After employing this move, you’ll gain HP and then progressively lose it, so you’ll need to lose a total of 777 HP. Because the move has a lengthy cooldown, you may do something else while you wait. You may also suffer damage by being struck a few times. Keep track of your cooldowns and utilize them when they expire. Also, keep in mind to rush about.

How to Endure the Way of the Yakuza in AUT

In between casting Way of the Yakuza, hit the “V” key to use Brawler’s Instinct to counter Dummy’s assaults. Because you’ll need a total of 77 counters, you should finish this job in the same order as the prior one. You may strike the Dummy to inflict damage if both Way of the Yakuza and Brawler’s Instinct are on cooldown. You’ll need to deal 777 damage in total, which should be rather straightforward.

You may purchase seven arrows at the store on the side street between the park and the soccer field. Purchase seven arrows from the NPC. These cost 1,500 UC each, and if you don’t have the currency, you may find them in chests or meteors. When you have seven arrows, go to the park and look for Enrico Pucci at the bus stop. Request that he reset your stand, and then repeat the process with all seven arrows.

In AUT, how do you acquire the Yo-Yo item?

After finishing the Killua’s Training quest, you will get the Yo-Yo item. The Yo-Yo will appear on your item bar after you’ve completed the last goal. To use it, hit the number key on your item bar that corresponds to it, then left-click to utilize it. To get the Killua Spec, use the Yo-Yo!

Moves and Controls of the AUT Killua Spec

  • M1 – A regular assault
  • Q – Extraterrestrial Aura (damage buff)
  • The Snake Awakens (E) (combo extender)
  • No Mercy (R) (dash)
  • Thunderbolt is a letter that starts with the letter T. (ranged)
  • Y – Echo Rhythm (clone summoning)
  • F – Death in an Instant (dash)
  • G is for Godspeed (increases jump power and speed)
  • Onslaught (H) (AoE beatdown)

Killua may be summoned by combining a few basic attacks into The Snake Awakens, then a Thunderbolt and additional basic strikes into No Mercy. Killua is a highly flexible PvP spec because of his numerous skills. There are a lot of choices and playstyles to choose from, but try to utilize all of your techniques while keeping cooldowns in mind and maximizing damage.

More relevant information and instructions may be found in the A Universal Time area of our website.

The a universal time king crimson is a character that appears in the anime, Hunter x Hunter. This article will teach you how to get Killua Spec in A Universal Time (AUT).

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