How did your favorite champion fare in the most recent patch? This list of high-level players reveals some interesting builds and counters.

I took a look at the players with the highest mastery on each champion and they’ve got some interesting builds. Made a list of my favorites.

I took a look at the players with the highest mastery on each champion and they've got some interesting builds. Made a list of my favorites.

LeagueofLegends6 - I took a look at the players with the highest mastery on each champion and they've got some interesting builds. Made a list of my favorites.

Strangest of them all:

  • Gnar, the greatest mastery, uses Ignite+TP and uses Shieldbow/Wits End/Botrk/Rage Blade to do full damage.
  • Graves has been running Prowers+BT into FULL TANK with Smite+Ignite.
  • Janna uses a Janna jungle build, which is a jungle rather than a top with smite, and a full crit ADC build.
  • Jayce never builds Muramana and always plays first. GA enters Serylda’s Grudge, the second item.
  • Kog’Maw uses TP+Ghost and mainly plays mid, although he also plays a surprising amount of support.
  • Malphite is a support player who uses TP+Heal.
  • Elise uses Ignite+Flash or Barrier+Flash in the top lane. Buildings may be found all throughout the area. There are no regulations for AP, AD, Hybrid, or Tank.
  • Heimerdinger uses TP+Heal and believes he possesses Cassiopeia. As far as I could tell, he has never purchased footwear.
  • Akshan plays bot lane with TP+Heal.
  • Mundo is a TP+Heal enthusiast as well.
  • Ashe uses Heal+Ghost and rushes BT legendary, which seems to be the third or fourth item.
  • TP+Heal and GLACIAL AUGMENT are used by Caitlynn.
  • Neeko runs Ignite+Ghost, build is Crown>Void>Nashors
  • Pantheon adores Serylda’s Grudge, and normally constructs it first.
  • Every game, Rammus constructs Berserker Greaves and often takes grip.
  • The first item is a Rek’Sai collector, followed by eclipse.
  • Rumble is a player that assists in rumble matches. He uses toilet paper and often sells his support item.
  • Sivir runs Heal+Ghost, builds BT>IE before a mythic every game
  • Tristana’s team consists of TP+Ghost and Electrocute.
  • Volibear develops a combination of AP/AD/Tank in the top lane with Barrier+Ignite.
  • Wukong is mostly a support player.
  • Xin Zhao plays Smite+Ignite and enjoys rushing BT.
  • Yumi, #1 mastery, hasn’t played in a while, and #2 mastery uses the Heal+Ghost rune and makes mobi boots.
  • Zoe was tinkering with the Grasp+Full Tank combo. Zoe has a rather normal build today, but she looks to have a fairly typical build in general.


Honorable honors (not absurd, but unique):

  • Jhin has a very regular physique, however his name is JhinTopNoTroll, and he plays Jhin top.
  • Karma is a support player that always plays Flash+Ghost and Liandries.
  • LeBlanc perplexes me since their OP.GG seems to have morphed into a Garen 1 ruse.
  • Lee Sin seems to have retired from the stage.
  • Lissandra same decent (but suboptimal) build EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Liandries>Zhonya’s>Morello>Banshees.
  • Lilia plays Mid/Top and only jungles on rare occasions, using Ignite+Exhaust.
  • Lucian runs Clarity+Heal and is a friend in ARAMs.
  • With Nashors+Lich, Lulu usually runs a deadly pace and full AP.
  • Nasus utilizes Heal+Ghost, but he also has a spellbook, so it’s not as strange (assuming he actually uses it)
  • Nidalee is a Master Tier nidalee player and a bruiser top nidalee player.
  • The Nocturne top with Ignite+Ghost is largely decent, although it prefers thornmail.
  • Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu, Nunu,
  • Poppy mid/top with full damage/lethality builds, including ignite, dark harvest, and full damage/lethality
  • Sion was born in the year AD. Jungle of Sion
  • Every game, Twisted Fate uses AD TF.
  • Vel’Koz looks to be particularly interested in the top lane.
  • Vayne is another admirer of Heal+Ghost.
  • Normally, I construct Kraken Slayer or Shieldbow.

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The “most mastery points vi” is a list of the players with the highest mastery on each champion. The list includes some interesting builds that were used to achieve these high levels of mastery.

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