The crafting of legendary armor takes a long time to complete. Crafting 150 pieces is as likely as getting 150 headshots in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, and requires that you have reached level 50 before the game’s release. What are some possible future applications for this process?

The “fallout 76 legendary armor effects list” is a list of the different effects that can be achieved with 150 pieces of Legendary Armor. The armor is obtained by crafting.

Results of Crafting 150 Pieces of Legendary Armor

I plotted the findings in a pie chart. I can’t upload photographs here, but here’s a link to an image on Imgur: xJdXdE4 - Results of Crafting 150 Pieces of Legendary Armor here’s a detailed legend for the chart: OP0xmdi - Results of Crafting 150 Pieces of Legendary Armor

Note: If you’re reading this in TL;DR mode, you only need to read the first two lines to comprehend the findings. The remainder is…reading stuff that you may choose to read?

These are the outcomes of producing 150 units of Brotherhood Recon armor. By the way, these were all 3-star rolls. For those interested in the cost of crafting, this equates to 750 legendary cores and 450 legendary modules (i.e., 22,500 scrip). On a side note, given I’ve been playing a full-health commando build recently, my objective was to earn a complete set of Overeater’s armor. In any case, the outcomes were dismal. (I only got 4 pieces of Overeater’s before I ran out of legendary modules…and even cores!) Furthermore, I believe these findings are an indictment of the legendary crafting method, hence I believe they should be shared. You may have also noted that, despite the fact that there are 20 legendary armor effects, my graph only has 6 slices. Don’t be concerned. That was done on purpose. To summarize, I intended to 1) simplify the data into something understandable, and 2) draw attention to the disproportionate number of “filler” legendary effects in the loot table. Also, a few other numbers to consider: 1) The first number next to each slice is the number of armor pieces I received as a result of that effect, and 2) the second number represents the percentage of the 150 armor pieces in the sample.

The rationale for the categorization scheme was that I thought it would be the most natural for everyone to categorize the data by first-star impacts. Keep in mind, though, that there are 20 1st-star effects! As a result, a pie chart with 20 separate slices would be much too complicated. To find a middle ground, I felt that categorizing the first-star effects into groups based on similarities would help reduce the visual burden. Furthermore, I discovered that doing so emphasizes how many lackluster (or, at best, situational) effects are present in the loot pool, which needs to improve. At the very least, I hope that more people are now aware of how closely many of the legendary armor affects are related.

Alternative to the Current System: The easiest route, in my view, would be to allow us to choose which effects we got while making legendary gear. Bethesda might make these kind of crafting ventures more costly than the present, randomized lottery approach for “balance.” Even so, it would be a vast improvement over the present legendary armor creation method, which is a big waste of time. To put things in perspective, I believe I could have spent less time overall wheeling and dealing for a tradeable set of Overeater’s armor that also contained the 2nd and 3rd-star effects I sought! I probably spent more time farming for those cores, modules, and crafting materials than I would have spent trading. To put it mildly, it’s irritating.

It’s worth noting that the present crafting system’s incredibly harsh odds make experimenting with various effect combinations almost impossible. For example, how can I possibly expect to experiment with Overeater’s and several other 2nd and 3rd-star effects if I can’t even achieve a whole 5-piece outfit after 150 crafting attempts? Before you can start experimenting, you’ll need various pieces of Overeater’s gear for each body part. That is beyond my comprehension.

I highly advise Fallout 76 to turn to Bethesda’s other MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, for a solution to this crafting system. In ESO, you may use the transmutation system to modify the attributes of your weapons and armor to anything you choose (so long as you have enough of the proper currency called transmutation crystals). Because the rate at which you may obtain transmute crystals is slowed in ESO, transmuting gear is not easy. As a result, gearing in ESO is still a chore. However, the opportunity to explore it provides is a much more satisfying grind than the one presently provided by the Fallout 76 developers. And I’ll leave it to you to figure out which game is the most popular.

The developers of Fallout 76 seem to believe that after players get their “god rolls,” they will abandon the game. Perhaps they are unaware that many people will continue to grind for legendary modules and cores in order to experiment with new builds. That is, at least, my preference. I’m interested in hearing what others have to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this far.

P.S. Instead of the six pieces of Unyielding armor listed above, I received seven. One of those components, however, has the function of passively regenerating radiation damage, thereby canceling out the Unyielding effect and rendering it unusable. As a result, I excluded it from the sample as a “outlier.” It’s unlikely that adding that one more data point would have changed the overall pattern of findings, but it seemed odd to include an armor component that negated its own key legendary benefit.

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For the game Fallout, post “Results of Crafting 150 Pieces of Legendary Armor.”

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The “fallout 76 legendary effects spreadsheet” is a comprehensive list of the Legendary Effects that can be crafted in Fallout 76. The spreadsheet was created by a community member and it includes information on what materials are required, how many pieces you will need, and the total cost.

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