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In both The Sims and real life, sunglasses can make or break your appearance.

Is your celebrity sim just looking for a quiet place to eat without being recognized?

Is your sim trying to blend in with the natives on Sulani’s lovely beaches?

Well, not only are all of these unique sunglasses stylish, but they’re also ideal for teaming with your favorite Maxis Match outfit.

So, what do you have to lose? Take your sim outdoors to flaunt their new appearance!


Simlish Clubmaster v2.0 is the first game in the Simlish Clubmaster series.

Simlish Clubmaster Sunglasses v2.0 / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Tamo’s clubmaster sunglasses are available with or without tinted lenses, so your sim may wear them both indoors and out.

If this design is your absolute favorite and you want to make sure that all of your Sims are dressed to the nines, then you’re in luck!

These sunglasses are available in fifteen distinct frame colors and two different metal finishes (silver and gold).

You’d run out of color combinations before you ran out of townies!


2. PIENE Sunglasses

Sunglasses – PIENE TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

I’m completely smitten!

Have you ever seen sunglasses like this before?

These circular glasses are very breathtaking, and they’ll make your sim the talk of the town.

They’re available in four neutral hues, which is wonderful since they stand out on their own!

I enjoy wearing these spectacles with a wide-brimmed hat and sending my sims off to college. It’s the ideal appearance for your artistic sims or famous sims.


PAB Glasses are the third item on the list.

PAB Rounded Glasses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Regular aviators, square aviators, and even teardrop aviators have all been seen.

It is now my pleasure to present to you… round aviators!

These sleek and trendy sunglasses have a form that I really like.

I also like how your sim’s nose isn’t blocked by a bridge.

If you have a square face, it is recommended that you use aviator or round sunglasses.

As a result, this appearance would be a perfect complement for your Sims with square faces.

The sunglasses are also available in five frame colors and with or without tinted lenses.


4. Plumbobs n Fries ASTRA Glasses

ASTRA Colorful Sunglasses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

These rectangular sunglasses with no rims are a lot of fun. They remind me of the iconic robot glasses from the 1980s, except instead of being otherworldly, they are out of this world.

These spectacles make a statement all by themselves.

However, they can – and should – be worn with a large fur stole and Farrah Fawcett’s hair.

These famous spectacles are available in a total of eleven colors and are best suited to Sims with round features and large personalities.


5. Children’s Cat Sunglasses

Cat Sunglasses For Kids / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Okay, these are my new favorite sunglasses, and they’re a must-have for my cat-loving Sims.

They’re even compatible with Iconic’s CAS glasses slider.

The form, size, and placement of your glasses may all be changed using this slider. Almost every Sim that wears glasses (of any type!) should have this!

There are 22 hues in all for these CC cat sunglasses, including a playful tiger stripe design.


6. LEXEL Matrix Glasses

Matrix Glasses by LEXEL / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

For my techy sims, I’ve utilized these sunglasses.

But it’s for Sims that achieve Oracle rank in the criminal profession that I have the most fun.

You’ll need these sunglasses if you want to conduct a Matrix-themed playing or imitate J.P. from the movie Grandma’s Boy.

Also, these sunglasses may be perfect for your goth sims.



Acetate Cat-Eye Frames by MURPHY / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

These glitzy shades are classic and timeless.

I like the frames because they remind me of an exaggerated version of Midge’s Catskills glasses from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

So, how about making your next legacy sim a comedian?

This CC is available in three colors and can instantly turn your sim into a superstar.


8. Glasses with a Heart

Heart-shaped Sunglasses / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

These heart sunglasses have stolen my heart!

And this style became famous with the release of Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘Lolita,’ since the star of the film wore them on the poster.

These adorable sunglasses are available in eight different hues, one of which is a tortoiseshell design that is absolutely vintage, exactly like the iconic heart shape of the 1960s.


9. VLogo Signature Oval Acetate Frame (by MURPHY)

Oval Acetate Sunglasses with VLogo Signature / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

In the 1990s, did anybody else have a pair of these?

These huge, clunky-framed sunglasses used to be all over the place, in my opinion.

They seem to be making a resurgence recently, and I am here to celebrate!

The glasses for this CC come in three different styles. The basic black aesthetic, on the other hand, will always have a special place in my heart.

With these adorable colours, get your sims on board with this trend as soon as possible.


Sindra Glasses (nine)

Sindra Square Sunglasses CC / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

These wayfarer spectacles are a classic design that will never go out of style. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn’s renowned Breakfast at Tiffany’s character, but sleeker.

You may select from four different hues and whether or not you want them tinted.

For my more intellectual sims, I wear these glasses without tint, and with tint for my beach bum sims!


11. Severinka Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses for Men by Severinka / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

What better way to express “summer” to your party-loving sims than with these bright sunglasses?

These aviators are available in seven solid colors to wear at the beach, which is already fantastic.

But it’s their nearly iridescent lenses that make them stand out. It makes them truly stand out!

So go to Sulani, grab a float or a sun tanning blanket, and feel like a native with these party sunglasses.


Sunglasses with a cat’s eye

Cat Eye Sunglasses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Okay, I need them in my closet as soon as possible!

I really like how these shades have a color accent on the outside edges. It makes your sims’ eyes seem to be larger.

Children and toddlers cannot use these spectacles, but teenagers and older people may.

And, because to their neutral tones, these colours are incredibly classy and simple to combine.


13. Cat Eye Glasses by LeahLilith

LeahLilith Cat Eye Sunglasses CC for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Recently, round sunglasses have been all the rage.

This pair of sunglasses is no exception.

Apart from the excellent angles that bring emphasis to your sim’s face, what I like about these cat eye sunglasses is how immaculate they appear on materialistic and criminal sims.

These glasses should be your go-to if your sim is a cat lover.


Suzue Cuore Child Sunglasses 14

Cuore Sunglasses (Children) by Suzue / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

While these glasses are intended for youngsters, they are much too valuable to be passed up.

There are 20 distinct swatches available, including rainbow iridescent lenses and ordinary dark lenses.

I also like the subdued heart form. It reminds me of being a child, indicating that these glasses would be ideal for any of your Sims’ children.


Myneon Glasses (number 15)

Myneon Bright Sunglasses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

These shades put me in such a good mood!

They’re vintage yet futuristic at the same time, and I can’t get enough of them!

And here’s the best part: there are 30 distinct swatches to select from.

My personal favorites are the blue and teal lenses, however the black lenses with copper frames would be ideal for a detective or ghost investigator sim.


Sunglasses by Sim-Bans

Sim-Bans Sunglasses CC / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

These ‘Sim-Bans’ may have been inspired by a certain brand of actual sunglasses (I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one!) and the quality is evident.

These sunglasses are available in six different color schemes, including a sleek black variant that would be ideal for your secret agent sim.

I adore the playful gradient on the lighter colored lenses, as well as the ‘Sim-Bans’ moniker feature on the side of the frames.

You wouldn’t want your affluent sims to be spotted wearing knock-off frames, would you?


17. The Glasses of a Scientist

The Scientist Sunglasses / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The name ‘The Scientist’ is ideal for this CC.

Because these goggles are a perfect match for your crazy scientist sims!

I like how the frames come up close to the side of your sim’s face, giving an already distinctive item a steampunk air.

These sunglasses come in ten different colors, some of which don’t have tinted lenses. So your Sims can poison the water supply from the comfort of their own house — no strange glances required!


Nick’s Sunglasses, No. 18

Nick’s Round Sunglasses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The very modern bridge on these round sunglasses by Brianitesims definitely jumped out to me.

Both your male & female Sims can rock these any time, and the shades come with 18 color options from the dream pop palette.

Round frames, like as these, are ideal for practically every Sim.

They look great on heart-shaped, square-shaped, and diamond-shaped faces!

The “Danganronpa Ultimates” is an upcoming game by Spike Chunsoft and NIS America. The game will be a sequel to the Danganronpa series, which is one of the most popular games in Japan. Reference: danganronpa ultimates.

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