Kaiju Wars, a turn-based strategy game from developer Lazy Bear Games, will release on April 28. It features battles between giant monsters such as Godzilla and King Kong.

Turn-Based Kaiju Wars All to Launch Next Week on April 28

Turn-Based Kaiju Wars to Be Released Next Week on April 28th

Kaiju Wars

Foolish Mortals has announced that Kaiju Wars, a strategic turn-based game, will be released on PC through Steam next week, on April 28th, 2022. The developer also said that a console version would be released later this year, but no additional details were offered about a release date.

Watch the Kaiju Wars trailer below to learn more about the film’s release date:


In the stunning 2D turn-based strategy game Kaiju Wars, play as the (hopelessly) overwhelmed military in a kaiju movie. As the terrible kaiju develops in force with each assault, construct structures and protect your city with cannon-fodder tanks, aircraft, and more.

In Kaiju Wars, you’ll take leadership of the army and defend Floatio City against kaiju attacks. You’ll also be creating structures like army barracks and airfields, as well as deploying experimental freeze-ray weaponry.


Take command of the army!

  • More time is required! – Play as the mayor of Floatio City, entrusted with repelling a kaiju onslaught with overwhelming force. To slow the monster down, park tanks and jets in its route (don’t worry, we’ve got an excellent insurance policy).
  • Construct structures! – Create sacrificial army bases and airfields to divert the kaiju and provide fodder for the city streets.
  • Experimental weaponry are needed to keep the kaiju at bay. Use freeze rays and shifting mechas to keep the kaiju at away.


  • Our main scientist is developing an anti-monster serum, but it isn’t quite ready! When the kaiju approach too near, be ready to evacuate the laboratory using transport vehicles, boats, or aircraft.

Fight against the KAIJU!

  • Five distinct kaiju, each specialized in a particular kind of devastation.
  • They change! – Recoil in terror when each kaiju evolves and obtains lethal skills as a result of mid-level mutations.
  • Unstoppable! – Kaiju can’t be killed, but they can be slowed down and made to retreat… for the time being. If you can, saturate them with ammunition.
  • It’s going to be predictable! – They make their way towards the closest structure, and the scientists have calculated the precise probability that they will tread on each tile!

It’s campaign time!

  • Investigate the mystery – Strange things are happening: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes are becoming more common. Over the course of an 8+ hour story-based campaign, find out why.
  • Launch a Campaign! – As you continue through the globe-trotting battle against kaiju, you’ll be able to play missions from all around the world. In city defense missions, put your skills to the test by solving tactical challenges, commanding hundreds of forces in large-scale situations, and fending off repeated assaults while expanding your city economically.
  • Upgrade your ACES – You will be accompanied by veteran ACE troops throughout your campaign. Medals may be used to enhance and personalize your best fighters.
  • Customize your Project Deck — Unlock strong Project cards, personalize your deck, and compete on the online leaderboard with your best strategy!

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