If you’re getting the “Can’t login to Origin” error in 2023, there are a few things you can try to fix it. Check out our solutions and tips below.

The Problem Explained

The ‘cannot login to origin error’ has been a problem for many Origin gaming platform customers. This error happens when a user’s account is unable to be accessed owing to either invalid credentials or because of a technical problem. The most typical symptoms of this mistake are the appearance of an alert message that says “Unable to connect” or the inability of a user to properly login.

This page discusses alternative remedies and advice for dealing with this problem, such as:

  • Resetting the Origin password
  • Reinstalling the Origin client program
  • Testing internet connection
  • Removing any antivirus software that may be preventing access

It also implies that if none of these measures work, contacting EA Support may be essential to promptly and effectively fix the problem.

Fix 1: Sync Time And Date On Your PC

If you’re having trouble getting into Origin, synchronizing the time and date on your PC is generally the best answer. This is due to the fact that wrong time and date settings might result in issues in services such as Origin, which utilize dates and times to determine when users should access services.

To resolve this problem, check your time zone and ensure it is properly configured, then ensure your computer’s clock matches the server time. If it does not, right-click on the clock icon on the taskbar to open Date and Time Settings, where you may manually configure both items.

After you’ve finished these instructions, restart your computer and attempt signing back into Origin.

Fix 2: Clear Origin Cache Files

When your Origin client’s cache files get damaged, the Can’t Login to Origin issue may occur. These files are stored in your computer’s Origin folder and must be deleted in order to resolve the issue.

To do so, open File Explorer and search for ‘Origin,’ then browse to the Settings subdirectory. You’ll discover a file called sav data within. Open this file and remove everything within it. After that, exit that folder and restart your computer before relaunching Origin. This should clean away any cached data that was causing the problem and enable you to log back into origin without incident.

Fix 3: Use The App Instead Of A Web Browser To Log In

Instead of utilizing a web browser, this update proposes that customers download and utilize the Origin app to access their accounts and game library. Because the app is created exclusively for Origin accounts, it will not experience any extra disruptions, such as those produced by certain browsers.

Using the app also guarantees that gamers have the best gaming experience possible, with all of the latest updates and features integrated into the game. The origin app does not need any additional downloads or setups, making it more simpler to log in without difficulty. Furthermore, most games on Origin may be played straight from your PC or Mac using the web access option in-game. Users may enjoy a seamless gaming experience free of login errors by utilizing the app instead of a browser.

Fix 4: Log In Using Your ID

This Fix 4: Log In Using Your ID method helps in the resolution of Can’t Login to Origin problems, particularly in 2023. This patch requires you to log in using your account ID rather than your email address and password. If the Can’t Login to Origin problem remains after attempting this solution, try the alternative solutions listed below. To utilize your account ID, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to www.origin.com.
  2. At the top of the page, click “Sign In.”
  3. In the “Username” column, enter your EA Account ID (not your email address).
  4. Fill up the “Password” area with your password.
  5. If you don’t remember either of them, click the “Forgot Password?” link under them, or use one of the options listed below.
  6. Optional at 5b. If you haven’t previously, connect your EA Account to your Origin Account by clicking Link Accounts.
  7. Optional at 6a. If you do not already have an EA Account, click “Create One Now.”
  8. Optional at 7a. Select Log In “and carry out the instructions.
  9. Optional at 7b. To establish a new Origin-linked EA Account, fill out the form and then log in as directed.

Fix 5: Contact Origin Support

If you’re still unable to log in to Origin after attempting the preceding alternatives, you should contact Origin Support for assistance. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may choose to file an online support ticket or contact us directly by email or phone.

When contacting Origin Support for assistance with a log in issue, send as much data as possible about the problem, including relevant screenshots and any error codes that are shown. This will help their personnel to rapidly assess your issue and implement the suitable solution. For example, if they need to reset your account’s passwords or if malware is identified, they may need longer time than expected.

Keep in mind that although this is not a fast fix; it is usually always guaranteed to work since their support staff has access to practically any form of technical issue linked with Origin accounts.

Alternative Solution: Download An Older Version Of Origin

If you get the “Can’t Login to Origin” issue in 2023, you might try downloading a previous version of Origin. You may be unable to play your game or login to your account if this issue occurs. One solution is to download an older version of Origin from the official website, which may help you address the problem.

If you download an older version of Origin, be sure it is compatible with your current operating system and specs. You should also ensure that it supports all of the functionality that were accessible before to the mistake. Furthermore, ensure that all drivers and third-party programs are updated and compatible with your current setup. After downloading and installing a previous version of Origin, try signing in again to check whether the problem has been resolved.


In conclusion, it is critical to recognize that the ‘Can’t Login to Origin Error in 2023’ is a symptom of a wider problem in the gaming industry. As a result, extensive solutions from both developers and players are required to avoid such difficulties from arising.

There are various possible remedies available for PlayStation gamers:

  • Restarting your machine
  • Renewing your router connection
  • Resetting your network settings

Furthermore, if everything else fails, you may call Sony customer support for assistance.

Finally, by implementing these solutions and taking measures to enhance your gaming experience, you can assure a pleasant gaming session in the future.

Fix: Cant Login To Origin [2023 Solution]