If you block someone on Discord in 2023, they will no longer be able to message or call you. However, they will still be able to see your profile and add you as a friend.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a kind of communication utilized on platforms like Discord in which two or more individuals may speak directly with one another. People may use direct messaging to exchange messages, share files, and even conduct audio or video chats.

When a person blocks another user in Discord, all direct messages made by the banned user are no longer accessible to the blocking user. If a banned user tries to message the other person, they will get an error message stating that their messages are not being sent because of the block. Similarly, if someone attempts to join a server where another user has barred them, they will be denied access and will be unable to see any of the server’s material.

In this manner, direct messaging helps users avoid receiving undesirable messages or information from other Discord users.

Server Text Channels

Server Text Channels are text-based channels that users may access on Discord servers. They let users to connect with one another as well as read messages from the server’s administrators. For instance, if an administrator posts about impending changes, users may access it without leaving the service.

Furthermore, server text channels enable groups of people to converse in real time. This is excellent for organizing events or discussing major issues that impact everyone on the server. Because these talks are public, any user with authorization may participate.

If you block someone on Discord in 2023, they will be unable to send messages via any of your Discord server’s text channels. They will also be unable to view messages or participate in text channel chats. However, as long as their account isn’t banned, they may still be able to see what’s going on in voice conversations and remain a part of the server.

Server Voice Channels

Discord server voice channels are used to communicate with players who are connected to the same server. Depending on the server configuration, members may have access to one or more voice channels. Voice Channels may be used for talking, gaming, event hosting, and other purposes. They enable numerous players to converse at the same time, allowing everyone to enjoy a game or debate without interruption from others.

To access a server’s Voice Channels, you must first be invited or accepted onto the server. If you have the necessary rights on that server, you may also build your own Voice Channels.

Blocking someone on Discord in 2021/2022/2023 will prevent them from accessing any of the Server’s Voice Channels. They will be unable to join or communicate in them as long as they are barred from the server. This is true whether you have blocked their individual account or whether they have been banned from your server entirely.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Discord? [2023 ]

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