Fixing the Discord Not Connecting Issue in 2023: A Solution Guide

Discord is a communication app for gamers that lets you easily voice chat, share photos and videos, and join channels with your friends.

Fix 1: Check Discord Server Status

Many gamers utilize Discord, a popular gaming and communication program. If you’re having trouble connecting to Discord, Fix 1: Check Discord Server Status is a good place to start. This method needs you to check the status of Discord’s server and see if there is any ongoing maintenance or connectivity difficulties that are preventing you from connecting.

  • Simply visit Discord’s Status page, which is available through their website, and look for any live service outages in your location.
  • You may also sign up for alerts to be notified when there are server problems affecting your connection.
  • Checking the status of the Discord server is a quick approach to see whether there is a technical problem with the service or if there is anything wrong with your network connection or computer configuration.

Fix 2: Restart The Application

Repair 2: Restart The application is a workaround for the Discord not connecting problem. Restarting the program helps in the diagnosis and resolution of any problems that may be causing Discord to fail to connect. This entails closing any background processes, restarting your computer, and then reopening Discord to begin a new connection. It’s preferable to check for updates and, if required, do a clean reinstall before restarting your program.

Additionally, before restarting or upgrading Discord programs, ensure that all other applications on your smartphone are closed. It is excellent practice to check for any network-related problems before upgrading or restarting the program, as well as changing proxy settings if they are specified. When done, this will guarantee that you can correctly restart and connect to Discord.

Fix 3: Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is often one of the fastest and easiest solutions to many problems, including Discord not connecting. Click Start > Shut Down to restart your computer. This will close all of your documents and terminate any background processes that are active. Wait a few minutes after shutting off the computer before turning it back on. Check to see if Discord can now connect correctly once it’s back up and running.

If restarting your computer does not resolve the Discord not connecting problem, please go to Fix 4, which focuses on resetting the Discord program itself.

Fix 4: Check Firewall Exclusions

Fix 4: Check Firewall Exclusions should be performed while attempting to diagnose and resolve the Discord not connecting problem in 2023. This remedy needs you to check your firewall apps and settings to see if they are restricting or prohibiting access to Discord servers.

The first step is to examine your network firewall software or settings for any exclusions or exceptions that could be preventing access to the Discord servers. Once you’ve detected any possible firewall exclusions, you may deactivate them or set them so that Discord servers can be accessed. If there are no such exclusions, this approach has no effect on the matter at hand%; however, checking may help eliminate this as a possible source of the problem.

Fix 5: Reinstall Discord

The sixth solution in this instruction is to reinstall Discord. This procedure entails uninstalling all existing Discord software components and cleansing the system of remaining files before reinstalling the most recent version.

To begin, the user must uninstall the previous version of Discord by going to Windows Settings > Apps & Features and locating and removing any existing components. After uninstalling, run a registry cleanup program to remove any Discord remains that may have remained in the registry.

After that, the user should download and install a new copy of Discord from their website. It is critical to execute this with elevated administrator privileges in order for all functionality to be successfully installed. Finally, reinstalling Discord should allow users to connect without trouble if all previous workarounds have failed or no other options are available.

Fix 6: Scan For Malware

Fix 6: Scan For Malware is the sixth step in resolving the 2023 Discord not connecting problem. Malware is described as harmful software that is placed on your computer and may disrupt your system and programs, including Discord. It may create a variety of problems, including slowing down your computer and disrupting connection.

Using good antivirus software is the simplest approach to check for viruses. To identify any harmful apps on your PC, make sure you update the software on a regular basis and do a comprehensive system scan. Other security measures, including as firewalls, anti-phishing software, and web protection, should also be activated. Discord should be able to reconnect after any malware has been found and removed from your PC.

Fix 7: Turn Off Proxy Server

This update fixes a frequent problem while using Discord: the inability to connect correctly owing to the existence of a proxy server. In rare circumstances, utilizing a proxy server might make it difficult to connect. Turning down the proxy server is critical for ensuring a successful and consistent connection.

To begin, go to System Settings in Windows or macOS and look for Network& Internet or Proxy Server. Uncheck any boxes labeled “Use a Proxy Server” or “Automatically detect settings“. After you’ve deactivated these options, restart Discord and try connecting again; this should bring you back online without difficulty.

Fix 8: Change DNS

Fix 8: Change DNS entails altering your computer’s DNS (Domain Name System). This modification may assist you in resolving the widespread Discord not connecting problem. Changing your computer’s DNS is a straightforward process that may be completed in a few steps.

The first step is to identify your computer’s current IP address. This may be accomplished by entering the command ipconfig /all “into the Windows Command Prompt. Then you’ll see something like: IPv4 Address: 192.168.x.x “Make a note of your IP address someplace else, as well as in a specific spot inside Discord’s settings, in case you need it later.

Once you have jotted down your IP address, open up Network and Sharing Center, click on “Change Adapter Settings” followed by “Local Area Connection“. Now, choose “Properties” and look for Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4 in the list. Choose “Properties” after clicking this. For quicker connection speed, input the ISP given DNS server addresses or use Google Public DNS as Primary DNS and 8.8.4 as Alternate DNS instead of auto-assigning them from your ISP/Router gateway connection.

Stability for Discord’s usage purposes in 2023 onwards that have already been tested & proven to work across all regions worldwide with minimal latency lag & downtime issues reported so far since its release of Fix 8: Change DNS update patch solution guide package released late July 2020 to public users worldwide ever since then until today with no side effects or risks involved except for potential online privacy concerns if they are unaware of their ip address.

Contact Discord Support

One of the first actions if you are experiencing problems connecting to Discord is to contact the Discord Support staff. The Support Team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email and live chat. They can swiftly repair any difficulties with Discord’s connection thanks to their knowledge and devoted support staff.

When contacting Discord Support, it is usually important to offer as much information about your problem as possible. This contains information such as:

  • Your operating system and version
  • The kind of device being used (PC/Mac/mobile)
  • Any programs or games that are running during connection attempts
  • Any error messages received during the connection attempt
  • Relevant images

All of these will enable them to identify your problem more quickly and give more specific answers.

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