Psychonauts 2 is a game about exploring the psyche of Razputin, a young boy who has been kidnapped and taken to a mental asylum. The player must use their mind in order to solve puzzles and progress through the narrative. But what happens when you can’t find your way back?

Psychonauts 2 is a game that was released by Double Fine Productions in 2018. The game features a protagonist called Razputin who must travel through the minds of others, to find his way back home.

In Psychonauts 2, you may enter Cassie’s head to attempt to enlist her assistance with the bees, but she won’t agree to help right away. Instead, a Librarian version of her has asked you to locate two missing volumes from her library. To locate them, you’ll have to go inside her thoughts. This tutorial will show you how to locate the lost books.

Children’s Section

The first missing person you’ll come across is in the Children’s Corner. You may open this additional section by pulling on the lever in front of the entrance. When you enter it, though, you’ll be stopped by a censor and confronted by an enabler. After you’ve defeated them both, the missing book will appear on the top shelf.

By hopping on the moving drawers and following the route to the top region, you may reach the shelf. The numerous paper NPCs you may select to talk with will let you know you’re on the correct track.

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You’ll enter the book, and after navigating the platforming inside it, you’ll encounter Teacher Cassie, who will teach you a new psychic ability called Projection. With Razputin’s invention, you’ll be able to access previously inaccessible locations.

Continue along the route after utilizing your power, and then command your Projection to open the door on the opposite side. You’ll need to utilize the power again, this time to aim the switch, and then enter the entryway when the doors open.

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You’ll be assaulted by a big number of enemies when you get to the next location. Prioritize the facilitator above the others since it will protect important opponents. You may also use your Projection power to taunt all of the opponents on it in battle.

You must leave the room after the fight is finished. You may accomplish this by traveling to the location where the Emotional Baggage tag is located and having your Projection tug on the lever to unlock the door. To enter the door, you should stand exactly near to it before it shuts again.

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When you get to the other side, you’ll come across another book, which you’ll have to make your way through before being ejected into a new area. The following region will provide you with a new set of figments to fight.

After you’ve dealt with them, leap over the venus fly trap books and use the Levitate power on the gust of air to reach the top of the book, where you’ll run into Teacher Cassie. A new cutscene will be shown. This is the first book you’re going to offer the Librarian.

Lane of Literature

The second and last book may be found at Literature Lane. To access this location, you must have the Projection power with you and be able to use it. You’ll need your Projection to interact with a lever on the other side of the door to open it for you.

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You’ll need to reach the top shelf of the position within the following chamber. You can access the top section by leaping on the middle stack of books, the venus fly trap book, and then walking the rope. To slow down one of the sliding drawers, you’ll need to utilize your Time Bubble capability. On the opposite side will be the book.

Inside the book, you’ll meet the next Cassie. To prevent the Counterfeiter Cassie from escaping, you’ll need to collect three pieces of proof.

On the left side of the map, we concentrated on the first piece of evidence. You’ll see a lot of boats drifting down the river if you go that way. You’ll eventually reach a sewer, with the entrance on the right side, if you use the boats to go to the opposite side. After then, you’ll need to utilize your Projection to open the door that’s obstructing your way.

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As you go through the sewers to the top, you’ll come across a new set of monsters that you must defeat. Go through the door under the printing machine after you’ve dealt with them.

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You’ll discover your first piece of evidence inside a book as soon as you go through the door. You may get to it by turning to the next page after reaching the top of the book. Then, to locate the next piece of evidence, return to the central island where you started this section of the quest.

Proceed on the route in front of you to the middle of the area, where many sailboats will be drifting in a circle. Climb the ship’s sail by hopping on one of them. Jump onto the platform and continue going when you reach the other side.

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Follow the route ahead, making careful to leap onto the platform as soon as you’re ready to jump onto the trapeze. If you leave too soon, the venus fly trap book will shut, sending you into the sea. Wait for the perfect opportunity to leap. Through a blast of wind, you may climb a pencil to go to the next location.

You’ll arrive at a fish market and have to fight several irritating figments before passing through a door. It transports you to another book, where you must go to the following page in order to acquire the second piece of proof. Return to the map’s center to locate the last piece of proof.

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When you return to the main area, look to the right side of the map for the final piece of evidence. You can get there by leaping from the tightrope and walking to the waterfall where the fish are climbing. To get to the top, jump on top of a fish. Make careful to leap to the left side of the waterfall and use your Projection on the lever on the other side of the wall.

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To get to the door on the opposite side of the river, jump over the fish. To locate the last piece of evidence, go to the left page of the book and turn the page.

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Return to Cassie, where you began the level, to hand in all of the evidence. After a brief sequence, you’ll be able to hand over the last book to Cassie, the Librarian.

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