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My experience with the Atlantico so far

WorldOfWarships6 - My experience with the Atlantico so far

Because I adore close-combat BBs and I really need the steel as extra mission rewards, I bought the Atlantico incredibly early (semi-whaled her with both beginning packs, certain missions, and doubloon phases).

So far, I’ve had 30+ random bouts with her. This ship is incredible, so if you can grind the missions, she’s a no-brainer for the cost of the three doubloon stages (you can get ALL rewards and a T8 premium BB for 3900 doubs with the starter pack).

The ship is adequate and provides a UNIQUE gaming experience, which is the most crucial aspect for me. You’ll have to get used to her unique gun configuration, but with a decent captain build and intelligent tactics/movement, she can take on a Pommern, Rupprecht, or Verdi in a one-on-one combat. She isn’t as brawny as a German brawler, but it isn’t a disadvantage.


  • The primary range is 11.5 kilometers, while the secondary range is 11.3. This is a significant advantage that might catch the adversary off guard.
  • She isn’t as slow as I had assumed. The basic speed is 25 knots, but with the speed flag and the Brisk skill, she may reach a maximum speed of 28.9 knots, which is not slow. You’ll need some island cover to disengage, but in the endgames, you can go from cap to cap if required.
  • The 10 381 mm guns offer a lot of power and outstanding shooting angles. Broadside cruisers may be destroyed, and even T10 BBs can be damaged, if you aim for their top belt or superstructure. You only have AP rounds, so choose your targets wisely.
  • Because of their shell arcs, the secondaries are highly effective against cruisers and BBs. They are incredibly precise and have a high damage potential, as well as a strong fire probability. You may throw these shells over islands and friendly ships, so if you have a spotter shipmate, you can kill the enemy while remaining hidden on the opposite side of a cliff.
  • Even in a T10 combat, she uptiers rather well (not as well as the strongest T8 BBs like the Kii, but nonetheless), and you are a serious menace to everyone.
  • She has good anti-air and anti-torpedo defenses, making her a difficult target for most T6-T8 CVs.
  • The fortress is well-defended and difficult to penetrate.
  • She has THREE assault flights that do a lot of damage to submarines!


  • Because to the absence of torps and the delayed rudder shift, avoid drive-by scenarios.
  • Do not go into the caps by yourself since only your tiny secondary weapons can consistently hit DDs, and you simply do not have enough fire rate to kill them without the huge secondary guns (unlike Flandre, Kii or the German ships which have great fire rate).
  • While kiting, your optimal combat engagement range is about 10 kilometers. You must angle correctly against your pursuer(s), since revealing too much broadside might result in devastating full pens.
  • I believe that the Expert skills of Brisk, Vigilance, and Concealment, as well as the 7 points for the two close combat skills, are required. This implies you only have a SMALL AMOUNT of skill points for survival (even with a 21-point captain), which means you have to be very cautious while facing HE spammers and overmatch kings like the Musashi.
  • Almost no one has a fully leveled Pan-American captain, therefore you’ll have to grind the level 10 captain (included with the ship) to at least level 17 to get the Atlantico to operate correctly.
  • In my experience, the Atlantico has a MAGIC ABILITY to attract incredibly annoying/strong foes into the matching. For the time being, she is an uncommon ship, therefore your equivalent will most likely be a Massa, a Kii, a Borodino, a Constellation, or a Champagne. If you like challenges, this is a positive thing…

As a result, Atlantico is an excellent Dockyard ship, and I believe she will be a strong competitor in future ranked/event clashes.

What has it been like to play with or against her?

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