Want to earn extra gold, or maybe some experience? The Penguin Prince Minion is the answer! But getting it might be tricky. He’s hiding from all of you…

“How to get penguin prince ffxiv” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is simple: you have to complete the story of FFXIV and then defeat the final boss, Garuda.

How Do You Get The Penguin Prince Minion? –

The achievement “The Road of Verminion I” rewards the Penguin Prince Minion in Final Fantasy XIV. You must finish four distinct Lord of Verminion Tournaments with double-digit wins in each to get this achievement.

In Heavensward Patch 3.1, Lord of Verminion was introduced to the Manderville Gold Saucer.

It’s a competitive strategy game in which you’ll face another player with your pantheon of Minions.

Except for access to the Gold Saucer, there is no unlock Quest necessary.

Simply engage with the Verminion Tables (Gold Saucer – Minion Square, X:7 Y7) to begin your quest to become the Elden Lord of Verminion. It’ll bring up a menu where you may play AI matches, individual challenges, and the tournaments you’ll need to compete in.

The goal is to remove all of your opponent’s “Arcana Stones” from the field. All of the minions have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as special abilities that you can use!


The Fundamentals of Beasts


The statistics and abilities of the Fenrir Pup when summoned in Lord of Verminion / FFXIVThe statistics and abilities of the Fenrir Pup when summoned in Lord of Verminion


Lord of Verminion might be intimidating at first, since it’s based on a game you’ve probably never heard of.

Square Enix’s Lord of Vermilion is a popular arcade-style MOBA card game. It was so popular in Japan that the XIV producers made a parody of it for April Fool’s Day.

The joke was on them, and demand increased as a result.

They finished designing the system and implemented it in 2015.

Regardless of the potential benefits, it failed to gain traction. Hundreds of thousands of MGP are at stake simply by participating!

But don’t be concerned. We’re here to assist you in taming your Minion horde. Knowing how to play the game will make finding your Penguin Prince much easier.


The Workings of Lord of Vermilion

To begin any game mode, you’ll need at least three Minions.

They’ll also need to be put to your Minion Hotbar, which can be found under the Main Menu’s Gold Saucer Verminion menu. By the way, here is also where you’ll find out when your next Tournament is.

Fenrir Pup is a Monster Type, as you can see in the image above.

Minion kinds are divided into four categories:

  • Monster — a formidable foe of critters
  • Critters are effective against Poppets.
  • Monsters are no match for Poppets.
  • Gadgets – They don’t have any inherent strengths or weaknesses.

When deploying Minions, keep this practical rock-paper-scissors method in mind. Being able to take advantage of mismatches will increase the pace of your combat by a factor of ten!

While the most of your Minion’s metrics are self-explanatory, “Cost” is a touch misleading. It not only shows how many of that specific Unit you can deploy, but also how long it takes to summon a Minion.

Minions with a high cost delay your deployment, making them riskier.

Special Actions are also a little perplexing. To carry these out, you’ll need four Minions of the same Type placed adjacent to each other. You’ll see a circle under those Minions that, when filled, lets you to use their Special Attack.

Special Attacks may perform a variety of things, like deal damage, heal, and create traps. Because most players have no clue how to utilize them, successfully using them may alter the tides of any fight.

The “Strengths” of your Minion are the last thing you’ll want to keep track of.

One of four items is referred to by these terms:

  • Triangle — Indicates that the Minion is more successful in destroying Gates, which are used by your opponent to call their Minions.
  • Circle – Effective against Search Eyes, which allows the player to see the Minions on the field of your opponent.
  • Shields, which defend large constructions like Gates, Crystals, and Search Eyes, are vulnerable to Cross.
  • Crystal – Effective against Arcana Stones, and your primary goal is to eliminate them.

Keeping all of these fundamentals in mind has a significant impact on how matches are played.

Being able to fully employ them will result in some quick victories. If you want to receive that Penguin Prince Minion, go to Paramount.


Having a Minions-Obsessed Mind


Crushing Arcana Stones with the very powerful Odin is a wind-up character. Minion. / FFXIVCrushing Arcana Stones with the very powerful Odin is a wind-up character. Minion.


So you’re probably staring at your horde of Minions, unsure of where to begin.

When it comes to constructing your own zoo of monsters, you have a lot of possibilities.

Here are some suggestions on where you may get some really helpful Minions for your hotbar. Of course, there’s a reason they’re excellent!


Odin is a wind-up character.

Two Achievement Certificates were obtained from Jonathas (Old Gridania – Apkallu Falls, X:11 Y:6).

  • Attack Rating: High
  • Maximum Pace
  • A Monster Type with a Large HP Pool
  • Gate Structures are effective against it.
  • Higher cost, but can protect as well as attack.


Gentleman on the go

Reward for completing the Hildibrandt Questline’s Level 50 quest “Her Last Vow.” By the way, it’s worth it even if you don’t want the Minion.

  • They have a high attack and defense rating, which makes them ideal defenders.
  • Two types of structures are resistant to it.
  • Can be instantly sacrificed while attacking or defending to provide a large buff to allies over a large region.
  • Maximum Pace



At 9 p.m. Eorzea Time, level 50 Botanist Node (East Shroud – The Bramble Patch, X:13 Y:23) will be available.

  • Low Cost
  • Low Defense but relatively Attack Rating: High
  • They’re good in groups since they’re effective against three different types of structures.
  • To rapidly deal with Defenders, use a low-cost AOE Special Attack.
  • Although they have the slowest movement rating, they may be called in large groups.
  • High HP


The Louisoix wind-up, complete with a small Tupismati. / FFXIVThe Louisoix wind-up, complete with a small Tupismati.


Louisoix is a wind-up character.

Obtained by completing the Final Coil of Bahamut and earning the achievement “Out of a Bind I.”

  • Maximum Pace
  • Low Cost
  • It’s effective against two different kinds of structures.
  • Special Attack is a powerful wide-area heal that works even better on other Poppets.
  • Maximum Pace
  • Groups’ survival is vastly improved.


Wolf Pup

Skribyld (Western La Noscea – Aleport, X:26 Y:26) rewards you for completing the Level 15 quest “Man’s Best Friend.”

  • Low Cost
  • Attack Rating: High
  • Maximum Pace
  • Low-cost buff that boosts the Attack Rating of all Minions in a large area, which is amplified if it’s a Critter.
  • High HP


Nanka is a naughty girl.

Hullbreaker Isle, a rare drop from the Level 50 Dungeon, is also available for purchase on the Market Board.

  • Low Cost
  • High HP
  • Buffs all Minions in a large area for a low cost special attack.
  • Two types of structures are resistant to it.
  • Attack, Defense, and Speed Ratings are all around average.

These are only a handful of the most important Minions that are rather simple to get. They’ll provide the groundwork for a great squad, and they’ll help you breeze through every Verminion Challenge.

Keep a look out for Minions with stats that are comparable to these. You’ll be on your way to meeting the Penguin Prince in no time if you keep that in mind.

Best wishes for your next bouts!

The “lord of verminion ffxiv” is a minion that can be obtained during the quest “The Great Gubal Library”. The penguin prince minion has different abilities depending on its level.

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