With the second “Detective Kléberot” game, players will get to take on a real-life detective role by solving mysteries and taking down criminals. But what’s interesting is how this game uses blockchain technology to make things feel more realistic in an immersive gaming space.

Proving the innocence of the Tier X destroyers from

Kléber isn’t required since he and Borrasque are the detectives. Khabarovsk’s torpedoes “could just frighten the fish away,” thus they’re not required. A probable Tier X destroyer sank the Montana. Midway had struck him with a pair of rockets, and he started to heal. He has no smoke and has a repair party. In four torpedo spreads, he can sink Montana. Montana was hit by the first two, which were followed by the second two a little more than a minute later. Montana was lost by a subsequent torpedo attack. Friesland lacked Torpedoes as well, therefore we won’t need him.

Harugumo is the first destroyer.

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With only one Torpedo spread, Harugumo can sink Montana. “But, Kléberot-san, I never play with torpedoes with an eight-kilometer range!”

Gearing and Yueyang are the second and third destroyers, respectively.

At 60 knots, Gearing sank Montana with two spreads of his torpedoes. “My fish only manages to attain a maximum speed of 69 knots! That’s with an update in place.” Because he was charged with taking territories, Gearing did not fire down Midway’s aircraft. Instead, he employed engine boost.

With two spreads of his DWT, Gearing’s uncle Yueyang sank Montana. “Besides, neither uncle Yueyang nor I utilize Torpedo Acceleration.”

Shimakaze is the fourth destroyer in the Destroyer series.

Despite the fact that there were three torpedo spreads, Shimakaze had destroyed Montana in less than one torpedo spread. “Oh, the torpedo soups we served were so thick!”

Daring Destroyer #5

Without reloading, Daring had sunk Montana with all of his torpedo spreads. “I’m willing to bet my torpedo that it was Z52.”

Z-52 is the sixth destroyer.

With one torpedo spread, the Z-52 can sink Montana, with water damage taking care of the rest. He also has smoke and his torpedoes are too sluggish. “THE MURDERER DOESN’T HAVE ANY SMOKE! And who doesn’t have any smoke?”

Grozovoi was also accused of sinking Montana since DefAA and Repair Party carried small-caliber, rapid-firing weapons. “It’s Grozovoi, of course! Repair Party, Defensive AA Fire, and two quintuple-tube torpedo launchers!” Let’s check whether he’s the one responsible for the sinking of Montana.

Grozovoi, Destroyer 7

Montana was sunk by Grozovoi in only one span. Grozovoi was not the Suspect, fortunately, since he still had smoking.

Halland, Destroyer 8

Montana was struck once by Halland’s 86 knot torpedoes, but Montana sank. However, it is assumed that Montana used Damage Control Party, and that Halland fired his next two torpedoes a little more than a minute later. Because Halland has no smoke, Repair Party, 86 knot torpedoes, and DefAA, he is the prime suspect. “I placed this band of European destroyers on the most-wanted list, along with their leader—Halland.”

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Publish “”Detective Kléberot in Action!” proves the Tier X destroyers’ innocence. Murder in the Western Sea” is a story about a murder committed in the Western Sea. Using torpedoes to sink the Montana “World of Warships is a video game.

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