When you complete this mission, Lee will give the player a reward that can only be redeemed for Teardown items. Players may find themselves wondering how to purchase these items at all. This article explains where players can buy them and what they cost in-game currency (in game).

In this article, I will teach you how to complete the second mission of “The Lee Computers” game. In order to do so, you must first complete the first mission which is called “Teardown”. Once that is done, go to Mission 2: The Lee Computers In Teardown.

How To Complete Mission 2: The Lee Computers In Teardown

The second task in Teardown is to break into the factory and steal three computers. You should do this as discreetly as possible, but if you start a major fire for whatever reason, fire alarms will alert the authorities. You should also use the Tab key to check your map to validate your position.

Although this isn’t a timed job, you’ll want to make sure you can easily acquire the computers. If you’re having trouble stealing computers without exposing your cover, try this strategy.

Step 1: Start with the Harbor Office computer.

Turn right after passing through the barrier to reach the Harbor Office. You can break down the wall with your Sledgehammer and bring the computer inside. Despite the volume, the noise is not loud enough to set off security alarms, and there is no danger of a fire.

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Step 2: Take the computer from the office.

Turn left from the Harbor Office and you should see a typical office structure (the Office on the map). You’ll notice a stack of wooden boxes on the right side that you can climb/jump on if you run around the right side.

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You should be near a window if you climb up the boxes. You can’t leap to a ledge right now, but you can build one by pounding the wall next to the window with the Sledgehammer. This produces a “ledge” that you may leap to, even though it seems too thin to support your weight, using the same logic as the “steps” in the prior task.

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After that, you may smash the glass and leap through it, landing near the wooden stairwell. To locate the second computer, climb the stairs and enter the door opposite the green plant.

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Step 3: Take the computer from the factory.

Jump out of the Office by leaping through the smashed window or finding another exit.

The Factory is the most distant of the three objectives. Head straight from the wooden crates you used to enter the Office, then turn right along a tiny space between buildings. Turn left at the end of the gap and you should see two flammable tanks. Turn left again, and you should notice boxes near a window in the distance.

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Climb inside by smashing the glass. The office should be visible above you if you look to your left. There is a conveyor belt system that you may use to go to the office, however it does not give adequate height.

Thankfully, there are items around that you can stack to get to the office. You may get rubbish dumpsters beneath the office and several equally solid boxes to the right of the garbage dumpsters. There is a ladder nearby, but it is difficult to place and will be useless if it topples.

Make a two-block building and place it near the office window. Leap on the conveyor belt, then jump on top of the two-block construction to reach the window. Break the window with your Sledgehammer by jumping to it.

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If you’re fortunate, the office will open automatically, but if you fall, you may still approach the now-open window by following the same route. In any case, you’re now free to enter the workplace and take the last computer.

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You may also attempt to break into the office from the bottom (as the floor is made of wood), but you’ll need to create a smaller stack and place the things in such a way that you can climb them. You may need to drill a bigger hole to go through, but the end effect is the same.

It’s time to depart now that all three computers are turned off. You may return the way you came and exit via the gate in order to reach the escape vehicle and exit.

Now that you know how to get all three computers, you may try out alternative strategies with a strategy to fall back on, or you can complete the level if you were having trouble previously.

The “teardown all levels” is a mission that can be found in the game ‘The Lee Computers’. This mission will take you through the process of completing it.

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