How to get a girlfriend in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment is a video game that features a female protagonist and it has been praised for its diverse cast of characters. The game’s success led to the creation of an anime series and manga.

Lost Judgment is a game that features an open-world environment with plenty of things to do. It also includes a multiplayer mode that allows you to get a girlfriend.

In Lost Judgment, dating isn’t as simple as it seems in the title. Players hunting after side cases in the first game would inevitably come across many prospective girlfriends. This isn’t the case with the follow-up. It’s also worth mentioning that Lost Judgment only has one girlfriend, while Judgment has four. The remainder are only available as DLC on launch day or as bonuses in the Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate versions.

Where should I start?

After doing a cursory investigation into Seiryo High School’s bullying allegations many hours into the main narrative, Yagami is offered the chance to serve as an adviser for different clubs. He is first appointed as an outside adviser to the mystery investigation club.

This starts the school stories, which are a series of involved side stories that infuse various activities with mini-stories that tie back to a larger narrative surrounding The Professor’s mysterious actions. Players will ultimately unlock the girls’ bar, which is the fifth or sixth school tale activity that comes up, through completing these school stories. The real hunt starts from here.

The ladies’ bar

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Miu, Haruko, Ayaha, and Emily Mochizuki work at the girls’ bar. Your ultimate objective is Emily. You’ll have to become a regular before she notices you, however. Working your way up the ladder and knowing every lady at the bar before arriving at Emily is how you become a regular.

Because Yagami drinks during every encounter, we suggest putting SP towards increasing your alcohol tolerance before starting this distraction. The more he drinks, the more chances he has to talk to a girl before being sent away.

The “form a coherent sentence” mini-game in Yakuza Kiwami 2 is used to befriend the ladies. The females will either ask you a question or make a remark at this time. After that, you’re given a time restriction to construct a sentence from three sentence fragments. Your status with the girl improves if you answer correctly. To max up the meters faster, take note of each lady’s favorite drink and order it each time you approach the same girl.

After maxing out the meters of the previous three ladies, it’s time to max out Emily’s. Her bar conversations are identical to those of her peers. You’ll be OK if you just make logical sentences.

The ultimate goal

After you’ve established yourself as a regular, you’ll be assigned a series of side cases in which you’ll gradually learn more about Emily. Emily opens out to Yagami after completing the “broken walls” side case. While the side cases were considered dates, they were just the initial steps toward the original’s more conventional dating system, which allowed you to ask her out to the batting cages, challenge her to a game of darts, have talks with her, and offer her presents.

You’ll be able to ask for her phone number after a few dates. The option that indicates you want her information so you can contact her if she isn’t at the bar is the ticket in. But don’t worry; accidentally choosing the other choices first will not lock you out of anything or punish you. Continue going on dates with Emily and showering her with gifts until she confesses her feelings.

Judgment is a game that has been released for the Nintendo 3DS. It allows players to get a girlfriend in the game by raising their intimacy level to max. Reference: judgment max intimacy level.

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