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A British game based on the world of celebrity journalism where players are tasked with finding newsworthy gossip about a particular celeb. With an emphasis on selling and advertising, it’s no surprise that this game is built around monetizing users’ attention.

Pupperazzi is a new game that has been released on the iOS App Store. It features a cute, cuddly, and lovable pup as your main character. Players will have to guide their pupper through different levels in order to find his owner.

“Do you love dags?” Brad Pitt famously said in his memorable performance in Snatch. I do, after all, like dags and dogs, with photos of my Shiba Inu accounting for almost 90% of my phone’s photo bank. So when I heard about Pupperazzi, a game where you take images of cute polygonal dogs, I decided to give it a try. Sure, the images were weird at best, but I reasoned to myself, “Perhaps that was simply an aesthetic choice.” I was completely mistaken. Someone managed to turn snapping photographs of dogs into one of the most forgettable gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Pupperazzi Corgi

This corgi seemed to have seen some bizarre events in Vietnam.

Pupperazzi transports you to a little island populated by intelligent but stumbling dogs. There isn’t much of a plot here, but you meet several dogs and are charged with photographing them and their companions for whatever purpose I don’t understand. Carry out the task in accordance with the goal in order to get followers and in-game cash. You may get a few extra followers by posting some of your best photos on a homemade social networking site. The more followers you have, the more filters and products you may buy to improve your photos, creating a loop.

You may be thinking, “This sounds like Pokémon Snap.” In a nutshell, yes and no. Yes, snapping photographs of beautiful tiny animals and being rewarded for it with a (very dumbed down) score system reminded me of the 1999 classic and its 2021 sequel, but that’s where the similarities ended. Pupperazzi isn’t an image simulator that runs on rails. You are free to explore tiny regions and engage with any dogs you come across, whether by caressing them, giving them goodies, or having them retrieve a stick, for example. It’s also goal-oriented, as opposed to Pokémon Snap’s arcade-style approach. Finally, Pupperazzi, unlike Snap, is not a decent person.

Pupperazzi Petting

This is more terrifying than any Lovecraftian horror story currently available.

On the surface, the major reason I disliked it so much seems to be its really bad presentation. I’ll confess that the aesthetics bothered me since they made practically every dog seem terrible with their terrified expressions and almost nonexistent motions. When I attempted to touch one of the puppies onscreen, my playable character had huge, rubbery arms that looked like something out of an eldritch horror movie. The same can be said about the music and sound effects, which are both poor. It wasn’t the graphics or the sound design, however. It was the game’s entire gameplay loop that drew me in.

Simply said, capturing these photographs isn’t enjoyable. The scoring system is based on an unpleasant follower count on your made-up social media account, rather than a high-score arcade loop that was oh so satisfying even back in 1999. The goals are quite boring. The level design is on the simple side. There’s hardly much space for exploring or discovering fascinating secrets: most of the dogs on onscreen straight away, and those that don’t may be readily identified after solving a simple task. The game doesn’t even run properly, given that it hardly pushes the Xbox’s capabilities. Overall, there’s virtually little motivation to play it for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Pupperazzi Comments

Thank you for your thoughtful remarks, fictitious social media follower.

I like dogs, and Pokémon Snap is one of my favorite games. Pupperazzi had enough qualities in its idea to have me, at the very least, look forward to it, even if I didn’t anticipate it to impress me. What we got instead was a dreadful photography game that was fun for the first ten minutes or so before devolving into a very dull title lacking of challenge or charm to keep you playing for much longer. Do you want to see some nicer and cutest dog pictures? Take a look at your Instagram feed.


Low-poly and straightforward. It’s lovely at first, even though some canines seem to have seen some horrific events in their prior lives. However, the allure wears off soon, and the game performs badly in terms of performance.

The controls are adequate (in terms of wandering about and shooting your bullets). The gaming loop and, if you can call it that, the puzzle-solving are both inane.

Stock cutesy music with a few barks thrown in for good measure. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy or noteworthy to discuss in this respect.

Taking photographs of lovely puppies should be a lot more enjoyable than this amateur’s effort to create a free-roaming Pokémon Snap clone with strange visuals and uninteresting goals.

Final Score: 5.0

On Xbox One and PC, Pupperazzi is now available.

On the Xbox One, the game was reviewed.

The publisher donated a copy of Pupperazzi.

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Pupperazzi is a game that has been around for a while. The game is a 3D side-scrolling platformer with some puzzle elements. The graphics are very good and the music is catchy, making it an enjoyable experience. Reference: venba game.

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