If you want to get someone’s IP address from Discord, there are a few methods you can use. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get someone’s IP from Discord in 2023.

Discord Is Too Secure

Discord has grown in popularity as a platform for gamers and other users to connect in real time through text and voice chat, as well as video conferencing. However, Discord’s security mechanisms make it impossible to get someone’s IP address. All communication transferred through the Discord servers is encrypted and can only be accessed by connecting directly to the service’s servers. This prevents a third party from obtaining someone’s IP address via their Discord account.

Furthermore, most users’ accounts will be protected by two-factor authentication or an anti-spambot technology that inhibits fraudulent attempts to access user data. Furthermore, in early 2021, Discord adopted end-to-end encryption on all voice and audio conversations conducted via the platform, making it much more difficult for a hostile actor to get such information. There is currently no way past these security measures unless you are able to properly hack into someone’s account, and it seems like Discord will remain that way for some time.

Getting The IP Of Someone Else

Obtaining someone else’s IP address through Discord in 2023 is simpler than you think. All you have to do is ask the individual for their IP address or look it up in a publicly accessible database. If they accept your request, their IP address will be made public. If they refuse your request, there are other methods to access the information.

You may use a program like Wireshark to scan Internet traffic for IP addresses that match the person in issue. Furthermore, if you have access to the same network as them, for example, if you’re both connected through a VPN, you may do an ARP scan to determine their IP address. It is feasible to get someone’s IP address using Discord in 2023 with minimum effort using these approaches.

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