You may not be able to launch your Origin game if there’s a problem with your internet connection, your anti-virus software is blocking the game, or there’s a problem with your Origin account.

Fix 1: Run Origin As Administrator

If your Origin game won’t start, the first thing you should try is running Origin as administrator. This grants the software more access rights and permissions, allowing it to function more smoothly.

To do so, go to the Start Menu and type in “Origin”. Select “Run as Administrator” from the Search Results by right-clicking on it. This will launch Origin with administrative rights, and you should be able to play your game normally immediately.

If this doesn’t work, there are a few alternative remedies you may attempt to get your game back up and running. These vary from:

  • deactivating antivirus software
  • downloading game-specific patches or updates
  • totally reinstalling Origin.

Fix 2: Check Task Manager For Running Processes

When the Origin game fails to start, the next step is to check the Task Manager for any ongoing activities. Task Manager is a Windows system utility that is intended to detect any serious problems with your system’s existing processes and apps. To launch Task Manager, simultaneously press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete keys, and then pick the Task Manager option from the list of choices.

View the Processes tab in Task Manager to determine if any apps are using too much of your computer’s resources. If you see any superfluous apps or processes using too much memory, right-click on them and choose End task to end them. After you’ve tried this, return to Origin and try starting your game again. ; If this repair was effective, the game should now launch normally.

Fix 3: Restart Your PC

If your Origin game won’t launch, one of the first things you should try is restarting your computer. This fixes a variety of minor problems that may be stopping a game or program from opening. It also clears off any temporary files or caches that are blocking it from operating.

To restart your computer, go to the Start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen, click the arrow next to Restart, and then click Restart again in the pop-up menu. After restarting your computer, try running Origin and your game to check whether the patch works.

Before attempting this remedy, make sure of the following:

  • All of your displays are switched on and properly connected to your computer.
  • No programs or antivirus software are interfering with Origin’s ability to launch games and apps.

Fix 4: Use The Origin Repair Tool

If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting methods and your Origin game still won’t open, the Origin Repair tool may be able to help. Launch the Origin client, log in if requested, and then select Help > Repair to open the Repair Tool. The repair procedure will identify any damaged or missing files in your game and replace them with fresh copies. Even if your game does start, it’s a good idea to use this program since it may help you regain more performance and stability by addressing any underlying problems.

Depending on the size of the game you’re attempting to repair, the Repair Tool normally takes around 15 minutes to complete its scans and fixes. During this procedure, you will be asked whether you want it to remove some things from your PC; choose “No” unless you identify them as files connected to this program that were previously deleted or installed inadvertently. If everything goes as planned, your Origin game should now launch as intended.

Fix 5: Clear Origins Cache

When Origin games fail to start, corrupted data in the game’s cache is often to blame. As a consequence, deleting the cached data may remedy the problem and return you to normal operation.

To clear your Origin cache, launch the Origin client and go to the Origin cache “choose tab from the menu bar. Then, pick Cache Management from the Preferences menu. Here you will discover a list of all previously downloaded games, as well as the cache files linked with them. Choose any that are relevant to your game launcher problem, and then click “Clear Cache”.

Once done, restart your computer and relaunch Origin to check whether this update fixed your launching problem.

Fix 6: Reinstall Origin

Fix 6 is a workaround for an issue that might arise in Origin, an online gaming platform developed by Electronic Arts (EA). This problem often prevents games from starting even when all of the required components are present. To resolve this problem, reinstall Origin.

To reinstall Origin, first remove it and then download the most recent version from EA’s official website. Users should restart their computers after uninstalling Origin to guarantee that any previous files associated with the application have been erased. After restarting the computer, users may download and install the most recent version of Origin from EA’s website. After successfully installing it, users should use their login credentials to enter into their account and re-launch any previously downloaded games that were not launching properly.

Fix 7: Avoid Opening Other Programs When Using Origin

Fix 7: Avoid Opening Additional Programs When Using Origin is a proposed remedy for those who are having trouble starting their Origin games. Other applications may be competing with the game during startup if it won’t launch. To avoid this, it’s essential to shut any unnecessary applications or windows before trying to run the game. This will decrease or eliminate conflicts that may otherwise prohibit a successful launch.

Furthermore, certain applications have been known to create problems launching Origin games even when they are not directly interfering with the game. Antivirus software, third-party firewalls, and other background apps such as Skype and Discord are examples of these. To fix these difficulties, consider starting your game in a clean boot environment, which runs just required services and components on Windows 10 machines. This may be accomplished by entering safe mode or by following Microsoft’s instructions for doing a clean boot of your machine.

Fix: Origin Game Wont Launch [2023 Solution]

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