If you’re having trouble getting the Origin in-game overlay to work in 2023, there are a few things you can try. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a few potential solutions that may help get things up and running again.

Fix 1: Check Whether Its Enabled In The Settings Panel

Fix 1: Verify that it is enabled in the Settings Panel. Is a header in a post on how to solve the Origin In-Game Overlay not working in 2023. This remedy entails checking to see whether the Origin In-Game Overlay is activated in your computer’s settings panel.

  1. Launch the Origin client and go to Origin™ in the upper left corner, followed by “Application Settings.”
  2. Once there, users must pick “Origin In-Game” on the left side of their screen and then check the box to ensure that it is enabled.
  3. After that, users may need to restart their computer to see whether the patch was successful and if the Origin In-Game Overlay is working correctly for them.

Fix 2: Disable Other Background Apps

Fix 2: Disable Other Background Apps is a stage in the process of resolving the Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working in 2020 issue. In this stage, users should go to their PC’s ‘Task Manager’ and then to the ‘Background Apps’ page. This page displays all of the programs that are presently running on the user’s computer, including some that are not visible on the desktop or taskbar. This includes any applications such as chat programs, music players, or web browsers that may be taking up system resources and thus preventing Origin from working properly.

Users should then choose each of these programs and choose whether to entirely deactivate them or set them to run at a lower priority, which may free up more system resources for Origin to use when launching games. Once complete, users should try running Origins again to see if this has helped resolve their issues with in-game overlay not working.

Fix 3: Clear Origins Cache

To clear your Origin Cache, launch the Origin client, go to Settings Options, and then to the Advanced page. Locate and choose the “Clear Cache” option. When you restart the program, it will remove all saved information from your Origin client and create a fresh set of settings. This should resolve any difficulties with the in-game overlay not functioning after restarting or upgrading your computer.

Clearing your Origin cache is also an important troubleshooting step for other technical difficulties that may arise with Origin, such as:

  • Sluggish downloads
  • Delayed updates
  • Connection failures
  • Game crashes
  • Game delays

Clearing these temporary files helps you to start again and rapidly address these difficulties.

Fix 4: Try A Different Version Of The Origin Client

The fourth fix for an Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working in 2023 is to install a new version of the Origin client. Many elements, including the in-game overlay, are handled by the Origin client. If your in-game overlay isn’t functioning, you may need to try a different version.

Versions of the Origin client may be found at www.origin.com/downloads. Look for “Origin Client” under “Game Downloads” and choose the 2023 or earlier version. If you are unsure which version to download, you may do an internet search. After downloading, run the installation and restart your computer as directed. Then, before trying to utilize the In-Game Overlay again, run Origin and login in with your credentials.


To summarize, if your Origin In-Game Overlay isn’t functioning in 2023, it might be because of obsolete graphics drivers, clashing apps, or compatibility difficulties with Origin and other programs. Fortunately, you can resolve the problem by:

  1. Upgrading your graphics drivers
  2. Removing any conflicting apps
  3. Adding Origin as an exception to your antivirus software

Following these procedures should hopefully repair the problem and restore your In-Game Overlay functionality.

Fix: Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working [2023 Method]

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