If you’re having trouble adding a friend on Origin, don’t worry! We’ve got the solution. Check out our blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

The Problem Explained

The Problem Explained is a key heading in the article regarding a user’s inability to add a buddy to Origin. This heading describes the difficulty the user is having and gives an explanation for it. The person claims to have been unable to add a buddy on Origin, implying that something is stopping them from doing so.

The difficulty might be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • an invalid login or email address
  • a banned profile
  • a server issue

This heading seeks to offer readers with an idea of what may be causing this problem so that they may easily diagnose and remedy it.

Fix 1: Run Origin With Administrator Privileges

Fix 1: Run Origin With Administrator Privileges is a useful solution for resolving an issue when a user is unable to add friends on the Origin gaming platform. This approach entails manually adjusting the settings to allow the game to run with administrative privileges. This implies that the game will have unfettered access to the system resources and services required for effective operation.

Running Origin with Admin Rights is as simple as:

  • Right-clicking on the game’s icon
  • Choosing ‘Properties’
  • Checking the box labeled ‘Run this application as an administrator

After you’ve made your adjustments, simply click ‘Apply’ and try running Origin again. The application should now work properly and you should be able to add friends without any problems.

Fix 2: Switch To Offline Mode – Then Restart Origin

If you’re experiencing problems adding a buddy on Origin, one of the most critical actions to perform is to switch Origin to Offline Mode. This disconnects your connection to Origin, preventing any modifications from being made. You’ll need to restart Origin once you’ve done this. To do so, locate the Origin icon on your taskbar or system tray, right-click it, and choose Quit. Reopen the program and log in again. Before returning to Online Mode, check to see whether you may add your buddy. If you are successful, it is fantastic. Otherwise, go to Fix 3: Clear Your Cache& Cookies.

Fix 3: Clear The Origin Cache

The Origin cache, which is housed in your computer’s Origin subdirectory, contains a variety of user and game data. Wherever you’re experiencing trouble, clearing this data and starting over may frequently assist.

Close Origin and then go to the Origin folder on your PC. You must remove any caches that begin with “origin cache” but preserve any caches labeled “cloud storage” since this will wipe all of your cloud saves. After that, restart Origin to check whether the problem has been resolved. If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling Origin or verifying your firewall settings.

By emptying the Origin cache on your computer, you may be able to resolve issues such as friends list failures or games not operating properly in Origin.

Fix 4: Reinstall Origin

Reinstalling Origin is an excellent solution to resolve the “Can’t Add Friend On Origin” problem. Make sure you completely delete Origin from your computer before reinstalling it. You may do this by using a tool like CCleaner or the built-in Windows uninstaller. After completely removing the application, restart your computer and then reinstall Origin.

To guarantee a successful Origin installation, make sure you choose all of the appropriate choices throughout the installation process. After installing, restart Origin and try adding a buddy again to see if it works. If repeating this method does not answer the issue of adding friends on Origin, consider another solution instead.


Finally, the ability to add friends on Origin may be hampered by a number of concerns. A firewall limiting access, an incomplete game registration, or issues with the Origin Friends list are also common reasons.

Fortunately, most of these difficulties may be remedied quickly and simply by following the procedures outlined above. With little patience and troubleshooting, you should be able to add your Origin buddies in no time.

Furthermore, if you are still experiencing problems adding friends on Origin after following these instructions, we recommend contacting customer support for assistance:

  • Check your firewall settings.
  • Verify your game registration.
  • Check the Origin Friends list.
  • Contact customer support for assistance.

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