If you’re having trouble logging in to Origin, there’s a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. Follow our guide to get back in the game.

The Problem Explained

The “Can’t Login To Origin” problem is a regular issue that affects users of the popular gaming program, Origin. It has been reported on several systems, and the issue seems to be consistent across all software versions. The problem is caused by a conflict between the version of Windows being used and the version of Origin installed. This incompatibility may cause a variety of problems, such as unsuccessful login attempts or crashes while attempting to use specific functionality inside Origin.

Resolving the fundamental mismatch between Windows and Origin is required to resolve this problem. While there are several possible remedies, one that has proved effective for many users is to utilize a third-party product such as Reimage Plus to fix any damaged Windows files or settings that may be causing this problem. After running Reimage Plus and rebooting your computer, you should be able to log into Origin without additional difficulty.

Fix 1: Sync Time And Date On Your PC

One of the first steps in resolving the “Can’t Login To Origin” problem in 2023 is to Sync Time And Date On Your PC. This problem is sometimes caused by a discrepancy between the time set on your computer and the time it obtains from the internet.

To resolve this problem, ensure that your computer’s time and date are in sync with an internet time source. You may sync to an internet source on a Windows machine by navigating to Control Panel > Internet Time > Date and Time > Modify the parameters. Make sure “Synchronize with an Internet time server” is selected, and then choose any server from the “Server” list. When finished, click Update Now.

Open System Preferences > Date & Time > on a Mac. Select any server mentioned under Set date & time automatically” and tick the box next to it. After you’ve chosen a server, click Update Now and you should be all set. After synchronizing your local date and time with an internet source, restart Origin and you should be able to log in successfully.

Fix 2: Clear Origin Cache Files

Clearing the Origin cache files, which are temporary files produced by Origin during the installation and operation of games and other applications, is required for this remedy. Clearing these files may help to fix a variety of difficulties, including the Can’t Login To Origin error “trouble. This is a straightforward remedy, but it should only be performed if you are knowledgeable with computer maintenance and are confident in your ability to accomplish these procedures properly.

To begin, launch the command prompt window by typing cmd into the search box “in the Start menu of your computer. Once open, enter the run command ”and press the Enter key. Then, run the origin cleanup utility ”Enter it into this new window and hit the Enter key once again to execute it. This will bring up a confirmation popup with a list of all the current Origin cache files that will be destroyed if you continue with this patch. Examine this list to ensure that you don’t need any of these files before clicking OK to delete them all. When finished, restart your computer and attempt to load Origin again; the problem should now be addressed.

Fix 3: Use The App Instead Of A Web Browser To Log In

Fix 3 is a recommendation to assist users with logging into the Origin platform on their machines. This entails downloading and installing the Origin program and replacing their web browser with it. Because all of the functions are contained inside the app, this may assist save time and give a more seamless experience. Users will not be routed to other sites or blocked by pop-up advertisements.

The Origin app is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. In-game messaging, purchases of extra content, notifications when friends join games or chat with each other, custom profiles for each user account, cloud saves for gaming progress, exclusive trials for new games or content updates, and access to specialized services such as EA Access are also included. Users may take benefit of all of these capabilities without having to bother about attempting to log in by utilizing this app instead of signing in on a web browser.

The features of the Origin app include:

  • In-game messaging
  • Purchases of extra content
  • Notifications when friends join games or chat with each other
  • Custom profiles for each user account
  • Cloud saves for gaming progress
  • Exclusive trials for new games or content updates
  • Access to specialized services such as EA Access

Fix 4: Log In Using Your ID

Fix 4: Log In Using Your ID is a detailed procedure for fixing the “Can’t Login To Origin” problem in 2023. The following are the steps in the procedure:

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Accounts& Security > on your Origin client. Sign In Using Your ID”
  2. Enter your EA Account credentials, as well as the verification code you received through email.
  3. To finish the login procedure, click the ‘login’ button.
  4. After successfully logging in, you will have access to your Origin account and all of its features.

Users may resolve login difficulties and recover access to their Origin accounts by following this step-by-step procedure. This approach is only relevant to Origin accounts created before December 23rd, 2021, as concerned users must follow a different set of instructions relating particularly to difficulties that occurred after that date.

Fix 5: Contact Origin Support

Fix 5: Contact Origin Support is a step you may take if you are unable to log in to the Origin gaming platform. If you’re experiencing problems login into your account, the first thing you should do is contact the Origin support staff through their official website or social media pages.

As a result, they can diagnose your problem and give advice suited to your specific needs. The support staff will most likely walk you through a number of procedures to assist you troubleshoot your account, such as checking to see whether your passwords are up to date or if your account was locked due to suspicious behaviour. After you have accomplished these steps, they may assist you further by offering extra support that is particular to the precise problem code you are getting or any other difficulties with their servers.

Alternative Solution: Download An Older Version Of Origin

If you’re experiencing problems logging into Origin in 2023, you might try downloading a previous version of the program. Newer versions of Origin may have features that are incompatible with your computer or network. Downloading an earlier version of the program with just the basic features may help it function more smoothly on your PC.

Furthermore, installing an earlier version of Origin assures that you have access to any material published prior to the most current update, such as DLCs or game updates. This alternate approach may assist you in getting back up and running as fast as possible with as little trouble as possible.


The “Can’t Login To Origin” problem is one that many people have reported having throughout the years. If you are one of the many gamers who have encountered this malfunction, it is vital to know that although such challenges may seem to be insurmountable at times, they do not have to be. It is feasible to diagnose and handle this problem efficiently in 2023 if the proper steps are taken and the appropriate tools and approaches are used.

The easiest method to do this is to:

  • Maintain your Origin software up to date
  • Tweak network settings as appropriate
  • Validate game files on your computer
  • Delete and reinstall any possibly damaged software

Following these steps should help you quickly address your origin login problem.

Fix: Cant Login To Origin [2023 Solution]